Analog Heat


I wish there were a way to make it more subtle. I love that synth.


But on distortion stage 1 o 2 this is quite nice possible in interaction with the osc levels .

ok, now with the added AH the Xenophone is an even more incredible wonderful fat machine.


Ah, yes I noticed that; I thought that was my secret technique :wink: I’m sure the AH is bringing a much welcome element to everything. I opted to cancel my preorder, and wait a bit. I’m eager to hear everybody’s demos of the AH though.


i’m sure you will LOVE it :wink:


I think i will use the heat also like a “isolater” on rotary mixers, with its filters and eq


Thanks :slight_smile: Sounds like you have some great stuff to compare it to. I’d love some Chandler outboard!


unfotunately i was so stupid to sell the tg2 and the pair of germanium eqs (chandler) when i gave up “big studio” plans.

and i also was short before selling my jd-xa the last days (because i am so annoyed about Roland releasing no new OS)
so today i took it out the box and plugged it into the Analog Heat. Now i keep it. My god… that elektron box is a complete game changer.


Very good video


Very cool. Sounds great. Would love to see someone do something like this and at the same time compare it to the best saturation/distortion plugins. I’m still on the fence feeling like it’s a luxury item for my own needs/situation but if it’s proven to sound noticeably better/offer alternative stuff than plugins then that could change pretty fast.


Hmmmmm … I was going to wait until mid-2017 for this one, mainly because I wanted to be certain that Overbridge works out on it … but … Black Friday? A nice discount and I’ll definitely pull the trigger.


What this thing does to the MD is insane! Cannot wait for the OB update to drop, that will be the happiest day of my sad life.


Friend of mine just grabbed one. Interested to check it out at weekend.


It really does transform whatever goes through it, particularly the round fuzz and mid drive circuits. The envelope follower and LFO turn it into a sort of hybrid effect/instrument. It’s a great deal of fun and very inspiring. And I was pretty skeptical, thinking I may as well get one while I can, but will probably flip it. Definitely won’t flip it.


Funny sometimes i really like the clean sound of the 80’s :smile_cat:


Apologies if this has been covered already somewhere. But can the inputs of the Heat be processed independently ?

I mean one effect on the Left channel and another on the Right and then output to their respective channels. Or is it just one single effect split over a stereo pair ??


Yes, sadly.


Ok. Well that was a missed opportunity.


At least, so far. Maybe separate L/R controls could be added in a future update.

For now, at least there is the FRQPAN parameter in the filter that allows differential cutoff frequency between the two channels, and is a target for MIDI CC messages, CV input, and internal modulation.


year but all other better chains will costs a lot more like api, manley, tubetech…


Elektron, when will Overbridge work with the Analog Heat?