Analog Heat


Yeah i asked in a ticket and they wont disclose the date, just saying that its “available very soon”.

Hope it really is! need dat!


It’s s completely fair question and although I’m well aware and used to (and accepting of) elektron’s reputation for vagueness on questions like these, this is one they really should answer with a better sense of urgency. I was about to pull the trigger and only at the last minute saw an asterisk on the the deeper pages of the website saying “overbridge support coming soon”. That litterally stopped me in my tracks from ordering that night as my usage will ONLY be OB related, and…well let’s just say there’s plenty of precedent for delay in terms of deliverables when it comes to OB.

I could have ordered and been left with something I couldn’t use for weeks or months or who knows. This wouldn’t bother me as much if the promo vids and website copy made it a bit more clear they’re not there yet.

All that said…I’m A) in no way surprised, B) not in any way angry, and C) TOTALLY STOKED to order this thing when it’s fully functional OB-wise!!!


hey sorry to ask but… there’s only one env and one lfo right?
just confused about that ENV1 & ENV2… or does that refer to the fact that it has two pages for ENV and two for LFO?


Nope. Just the controls are the same for. But you have 2 envelopes (ENV1 and ENV2) with all that modulations destinations i listed. Same for LFO you have 2 LFO, 2 CV, 2 Expression pedals controls (I’m wrong so i edited)

EDIT : 1 ENV with 2 parameters assignable, 1 LFO with 2 parameters assignable … and so on

But physically you have Control in witch is 2 physical inputs but it’s for expression pedal, footswitch and CV so… depends then what is plug and assigned


holy shit! I thought it was only one of each… nice


Now you said that i don’t know …
it’s write on elektron website :
1 × Assignable envelope generator/envelope follower
1 × Assignable LFO



I guess it’s ENV and then 2 parameters you can assign and so on… LFO and 2 parameters (LFO 1st LFO 2nd)


Yeah. This. :arrow_double_up:


My first impression is it’s “a sonic beauty and beast” ! As every processor you need to clearly “manage” the signal inputs to master outs (and all in between Drive, Wet Level, Dry/Wet) I tend to be on settings Medium for input sensitivity with signal coming not at maximum if it’s elektron devices (same for the others) and i get something nice. Same like a compressor you need to compare what it is comparable : a signal bypassed and a signal processed at the same level in dB otherwise it’s just act like a gain. I really like the Drive in Filter/EQ stage… Also a low cut on the sound or machines before to going in the HEAT produce a more punchy sound at the end. (i have great result with a 20-30hZ low cut and then the HEAT)

I do see it perfectly well acting as a soundcard when overbridge will be ready. Now OT through the AH sit very well side by side to the Analog Beast AR and A4, it’s output are WARMTH as HELL ! THANKS for THAT Dark Trinity match better sonically together it make sense also in that way !

It’s addictive also i would say to… so bear in mind that and pay attention to be gentle. And also one thing i notice is i like more than Clean boost and enhancement. I like every eight different stereo analog distortion… depends on the materials you affect it each have is own character and are really enjoyable to my ears in real. I don’t feel the same with demo and video but when you are through it’s really pleasant.

Honestly i’m very happy it really worth the price if you know how to shape sound, mixing sound so if you haven’t skills in that territory you could misunderstanding what this device can really ADD. I was looking for master shaper for my live and to me that’s PERFECT.

I will also use it as a processing and creative on more focused parts or sound design on materials not only on my Live master chain. There’s no limiter inside but hey LIMIT Yourself manually :slight_smile:


and dont forget that the env can also trigger the lfo, and when you set up the lfo for just one runthrough, it can act as a form of a second envelope. so its very flexible…


Hmmm I wonder what that is …


After 3 days of testing with all different sources i have to say:

people, before buying a new synth, get this.

fantastic tool !!!


A nice vintage keyboard in the back? :grin:


Cool that you’re buzzing on it :slight_smile: If you don’t mind me asking, what were you using for distortion/saturation prior to grabbing AH?


I could not agree more, all the gear you have will get a second character


Had the decks running through it on a send into a vsr spring and back. Heavy. A good way of learning to be subtle too because mastered tracks really push it. Plus it meant I could just dive in without having to play anything.
the eq seems really nice and surprisingly subtle on certain settings and boost doesn’t ever seem to push too far even with full tracks. I was using clean boost and enhance quite a bit for some less intense heat.

I’m finding the low input setting nice as even at max drive it’s still not total destruction.

On another note, Build is solid and the knobs are tight with a good resistance and perhaps most importantly the paint job is tidy. :sunny:


Mine should arrive tomorrow. Has anyone got any feedback on what it’s like with the :elmd: or :elmm: ?


I agree. I have a Volca beats, and I never really enjoyed its sound (I hate the sound of the snare for example). Plugged in 5 min ago into the Heat. I can’t believe its the same machine :slight_smile:
I played with the filter and the enveloppe, it’s crazy… I would now like to feed in with almost everything just to hear what it could sound like. Nice one, Elektron!




“If you don’t mind me asking, what were you using for distortion/saturation prior to grabbing AH?”

like i said, i am not into ultra brutal distorted drums and such, but i like for example joemeek gbq a lot.
Very recommended, mono but great possibilities.
also i like my old yamaha bass top with an old jbl cab and mic this with a 421.
the thick fatness of Chandler Equipment is fantastic or what a pair of purple compressors add to the weight.
Often i like the distortion that is built into a synth like on my Xenophone.

software wise i loved the old quadrafuzz plugin and i love the vinyl distortion and others in ableton.

But it is this super tasty combination in the Analog Heat that makes it quite unique (for the moment?)
at the same time thickness, clarity, punch, nice highs, great working filter (and all the other stuff like ENV, LFO etc)
and all that in STEREO. 3d and tightness is incredible.

I wish they would do a multiband version for sum treatment .“Mastering” with the quadrafuzz plug in was one great lessons Current Value gave me once many years ago.