Analog Heat


So what’s the intended end game for the Heat’s functionality as a soundcard?

Plug it into any daw and just record, like any soundcard?

Or will I always require OB to use the Heat’s sound card functionality, even when all the drivers, shotguns, fireworks and clowns are eventually released?


Nothing to report that hasn’t been said, except that there is a serious issue with the lcd screen, has many blind angles. Depending the angle you are looking at it, you can either read it or completely unreadable. No way yo change the settings for it. Major step down from previous lcd screens.

Anyone experiencing same problem?



Once the drivers are ready it should just work as an audio interface without running the overbridge plugin. You should then be able to use any daw or audio program, and just set it as the interface in preferences. This is how the rytm works anyway…


ok, thanks for the clarification. I’m guessing there isn’t a way to use Elektron with Linux; has anyone had luck with that?


Only using Reaper via a virtual Windows 7 desktop :frowning:

Edit: though Sysex is fine for updates and uploads (on an A4) from Mint.


yes indeed, there is no digital reverb, but Round Fuzz sounds like some sort of very short spring reverb (I dont know how to describe it better) that broadens the sound, very welcomed :slight_smile:


Yes the widening effects and strange tails from the round fuzz are really cool. Extend the tails with the inverted modulation of the gain from the AR envelope and widening the sound even more modulating the filter pan with a quick random LFO.


Gearporn alright.
Got half a mongrel looking at that. Very nice.
Those Elysia units are works of art.
Expensive but you get what you pay for.


LoL! …me, too


Failed already. without a single XLR input - it is just useless. Combined XLR/TRS inputs are just standard on current soundcards - a massive oversight.

its not a proper soundcard. …its an extra feature.


must admit I’m not impressed by build quality ;-/

Data pot feel crappy and loose and one under the display gets stuck down


just got this plugged in and spent a few hours with it today. im meaning to use it as a master effect for my live set, and studio plugin recording tool. overbridge ain’t implemented yet, but i have to say i’m really surprised out how this thing sounds. spent a while setting up a clean boost preset for the live set, which is 90% octatrack. my tracks sound friggin incredible compared to this morning. with the follower a tiny bit of LFO ect. this box is just powerfully alive. of course you can go full on insanity, twisting things into pure noise/synth washes, stutters whatever. but as a master effect, it’s just really really impressive. only complaint i have, is it run pretty hot… but it is called the heat, so whatever.


Ok, thanks.


No xlr’s or phantom power is weird ommision. Maybe they have dedicated interfaces in the works too… :confused:

Garage/psych vocals would probably sound pretty nice through this thing… Obvs could just use xlr>jack cable and a dynamic mic, but still…


Same here, setting up the heat at the end of the chain for my live set. I use the clean boost as wel, and my mix is getting more air and incredible nice low end. I’m very pleased with the Heat!
I also made some bass samples with the heat using the saturation. Cant get enough of it. Its worth every cent (penny, dollar, whatever)


So I played more around with the Sound, Filter, Envelope and LFO. Man is this little box versatile. It can be a subtle ducker or compressor, a Ring Modulator or Phaser, it can change the sound of the Synth line completely when you combine the Envelope with the Filter Frequency and set the resonance to self oscillation. The LFO can act as a second envelope.
It is also an enhancer that can add harmonics only to the high frequencies of the signal, so its really a swiss knife in the studio.

Its very good to have a patch Volume, Wet level and wet/dry-knob so you can adjust the loudness very accurately, so there is no difference between the dry and the wet signal.

The Filter ist very smooth, just lovely. the distortion effects have all their distinct sounds and Im still discovering their uses. I think the can be usefull on every channel in a music production. Too bad I cant clone it for more instances …

But to tweak all the variables, you will need time. But its very direct, so good for live action and experimentation.

Too bad, Elektron hasnt the Software ready yet :frowning:

A short wish list:
bring out OB (at least a beta)
make it also a class compliant Audio Interface
dont let it forget all its settings after switching off
show the current bpm in the lfo-page
write more usecases and examples in the manual and make some tutorial videos.


@elektronauts these are pertinent suggestions IMO :wink:


I’m pretty sure that supporting overbridge and also being a class compliant audio interface are contradictory goals. USB devices can’t work that way.


Really ?
A4 can be used as a sound card without any driver -> class compliant
And it can be used for enhanced control in some DAW -> OB

But maybe there is something I don’t understand, I’m no expert. So far, for me, it’s two separate things.


As far as I know it can only do audio when in Overbridge mode, and that requires the plugin. It does function as a class-compliant MIDI device though…