Analog Heat


Are there pictures from whats under the hood of the Analog Heat?

I have the impression all the Analog Elektron products are based on analog chips instead of discrete analog?


I have no idea of the difference/benefits of each approach but would be nice if Elektron gave some insight and saved the curious people busting open their Heats :wink: I’ve noticed similar questions being asked a few times. Shouldn’t really matter tho I guess? If it sounds good it is good? And vice versa…


Excited to see the next gen A4 or whatever the next instruments/grooveboxes turn out to be. Seems like a ton of R&D has been going on in distortion and filters. Can only be a good thing for future instruments :slight_smile:


i was lucky enough to be able to try one and i’ve been more than impressed by the AH! :slight_smile:
i won’t go into technical details as i think what matters is the sound that comes out of it (and better to let those things be done by technicians :open_mouth: :slight_smile: )

at the beginning i was a little bit sceptical about it as…well…i was kinda looking at it like: aach well, just a simple FX machine bbbut…!
i tried it with the AR and the A4 and the way the AH was ‘changing’ the sound(s) coming from the machines made me (and not only) go something like: EEH! WTF!?!? :smile::grin:

i personally prefer the right side of the characters, nonetheless, the other half is as good as.
the envelope generator, together with the LFO, gives that extra in shaping the sounds with the :heat: (there’s also a modulation page from where an extra modulation parameter can be selected) as it makes the AH react differently depending on the audio you are feeding it (so does the audio level) - you can have it so that it sounds like you’ve a compressor in your chain :slight_smile:

it is pretty much easy to use it as all the main parameters are right in front of you and there isn’t so much menu diving needed. being able to store presets (well…to be expected right? :slight_smile: ) it’s somehow a plus as i didn’t really find myself wanting to actually store what i came up with as it’s easy to just turn the few encoders on the front panel and get back to what you had like half an hour before or simply start from scratch again

being able to control both wet and dry/wet levels is really nice as it gives you the freedom of dialing in the right amount of whichever character you’re using, from subtle to ‘all in’ :astonished: (and pretty much all parameters can be controlled via MIDI…mm…it has been fun to have some SMD action with it as well :stuck_out_tongue: )
i was really impressed when i ended up with a 16 steps hihat sequence (tztztztzt) turn into a proper rhythm with kick and whatnot (no kidding!) :scream:

i think the best way to experience the AH is to try it…words (and videos) just don’t do justice. as i said, i was somewhat sceptical about it at the beginning but after having spent few hours with it, my view changed completely (being able to afford one…well, that’s another story :expressionless: )

the AH is not just an effect box, once it takes its place in your setup, it’s hard to listen to the same audio without it, i would most probably have it always there (and probably always on :smile: )

the only thing i probably miss from it is Elektron’s step sequencer which i believe would have played another big role in affecting sounds, even like…i don’t know…4 steps? i would be happy with that…bbut…you can always do that with an external MIDI sequencer i guess :confused:

overall…i would probably get 2 of them!! :laughing: (no fanboyism involved here…) so yeah…if you have a chance, go and have a play with the real thing


Well it’s matters for me in case of the Analog Heat in this prize segment. Thats also my choice for the Elysia Karacter :smile_cat:

For the A4/AR it’s ok to have analog chips because of the form factor. But from my experience sound wise, discrete analog sounds much better.

And for the analog purists, seeing whats under the hood is ultimate gearporn :wink:


No, the A4/AK filters are analog circuits.

You already enhanced A4 filter in an OS update once before (1.1 with the “resonance boost” feature) so I assumed it could be possible to tweak them further despite them being analog circuits.


I’m slowly becoming more and more sold with this thing. If I play shows this thing will be top of my list. Elektron, book me some gigs :cb:


I believe the “enhanced A4 filter” was on the Analog Keys hardware.


I believe the “enhanced A4 filter” was on the Analog Keys hardware.

That is incorrect, the resonance boost tweak was included in an OS update for Analog Four too.

See here:

“The resonance boost turns the Analog Four into a screaming beast’. The feature is especially useful for creating deep kicks and powerful bass sounds. The resonance boost provides the sound palette with new colors.”


Ah ok, my bad. I was thinking of the “extra bass” improvement.


Youre correct the Analog Keys Filter has indeed a hardware improvement on the bass department.

the ladder filter has been physically modified to improve its delivery of low frequencies.


The resonance boost likely just expanded the range of the resonance control (which is controlled digitally). It’s not a modification of the circuit but a modification of the range of one aspect of its controls.


So far, I like @Dataline’s demos of the AH on YouTube the most. I like it best when it acts like a flavorful compressor/limiter on the master. It reminds me of the vinyl sim compressor on the SP-303/404. I just wish I could plug the AH into my laptop and record the audio easily. It sounds like I’ll need to have Ableton or something to use Overbridge to record with the AH.


Not sure I understand what you mean? It’ll be just the same as recording your other gear right? Output in to audio interface?


I don’t think that’s possible.


Ah, I think I know what you mean :slight_smile: Yeah, sounds like the interface stuff isn’t ready yet. But you could still use it on your hardware and run the AH outputs straight in to your audio interface (if you have one) like any other unit?

If you don’t have an interface already and were planning on using AH as a way to get audio in to your computer, yeah that sucks for now :frowning: I’d guess it will get sorted really quick tho. An advertised feature etc…


yeah, that’s me lol


Yes that’s funtionality rely on OB, but device is fully functionnal. Remember at the launch of Analog RYTM and Analog Four… Overbridge isn’t in the game and devices not sold, overbridge ready… that’s a super great feature kind of offering for free… OK later people buy probably analog Line with OB in mind as a instabuy…


I use Reason, and just got into Bitwig. I think I might have Ableton 7 or something; I just don’t like using Ableton. I guess it doesn’t really matter if it’s just to record audio.


Maybe worth trying Reaper? It’s basically free and great for straight linear recording :wink: Don’t know what it’s like for overbridge tho if that’s something you want to use when they have the drivers. People seem to say Ableton is most solid for OB…

Edit - but yeah, seems you’ll have to wait it out or grab a cheap interface if you want to get stuff in to your computer in the meantime. Hope they sort it for you soon.