Analog Heat Mk 2 problems

Hi there. I’m trying to set up my Analog Heat Mk 2 via USB so I can use Overbridge 2.0. I’m running my AH Mk 2 directly into my 2018 Mac Mini’s USB port, and my computer is running Mojave version 10.14.6. I also have an Elektron Octatrack Mk 2 and it shows up when it’s put into USB mode. The Analog Heat doesn’t even show up on my computer or Overbridge when put in USB mode! I’m using the standard Elektron USB cable. I don’t know how to fix this, does anyone know? Thank you.

  1. Check latest firmware is installed in the AH
  2. Check latest OB version is installed (if not, uninstall OB before reinstalling the latest version)
  3. (you can try this first) On the AH, go to Settings > System > USB Config > make sure ‘Overbridge’ is selected.

If the problem persists, then further troubleshooting is required.

How do you check the firmware on the AH? Besides that, I have tried everything listed.

When the Heat is anything like the other Elektron devices it shows the firmware version on the boot screen.

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Yes it shows it very briefly in bottom-right corner of screen when you switch it on

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Sorry for the late reply. I’m at version 1.10.
If this isn’t the latest version, I’m in trouble, because my computer still isn’t recognizing my device from either USB port. The same cable works with my OT Mk2, so I don’t assume it’s the cable.

v1.20 is out since Oct. 2019. So I guess that explains your problems.

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It’s unfortunate how I can’t update my unit, but I appreciate the help.

As far as I know the Heat doesn’t show on your computer as a ‘USB device’, so don’t take that as indication the connection is not working.

And the reason OverBridge is not picking it up is because you have old firmware.

Have you tried to connect it and followed the upgrade instructions for v1.20 release? You will need the C6 - Sysex tool, which you can download from Elektron site.

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Or I think you can just use the newest version of their Transfer app, which is even easier (drag and drop) for updating Firmware.

That should work yes.

The release notes for Heat firmware upgrade states:

To transfer the SysEx file we recommend using C6 - SysEx Tool by Elektron.

I thought I’d stick to that, just to avoid confusion.

Yeah I always wonder why they have such conflicting info on using C6 / Transfer for updating… But Transfer is supposed to work right? And it’s just drag and drop vs hitting a few buttons, and looking at value/parameter boxes of C6 hoping it’s all good.

PS for OP: not that C6 is difficult though. If you follow instructions and maybe watch a YT video or two it’s super easy.

C6 was their original tool, has been around for ages.

Transfer is a much newer, improved tool (from what I understand).

I’m still using C6, purely because every time I want to transfer/upgrade something I think, ahh don’t want to install Transfer now, I’ll just quickly use C6.

I think one of the major improvements in Transfer is the speed of copying samples to a machine.

But Elektron should really start referring to Transfer in their release notes, I think.

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AFAIK Transfer wasn’t up to the task back when the latest Analog Heat update was released. So how to reference to something from the future? :wink:

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Indeed, because when you go the Heats support page, the first thing you read is “download Transfer, for updating Analog Heat”. But then like you say at other places, in older manuals but I think even also on newer pages/downloads, they keep copy-pasting the C6 part :joy:


For this threads OP: I would say, try the newest version of Transfer first. It’s easy, there’s not much that you can do wrong with it, just learned it might be faster for samples, and it’s what they’ll stick with the upcoming years. Otherwise you can try the C6 anyways:)

Ah fair enough, I thought Transfer is slightly older than that, so that makes sense then

Just to be sure, so I’m not giving the wrong advise to OP: do you mean that the previous version of Heat MK2 won’t work with Transfer yet; or that the previous version of Tránsfer wasn’t compatible yet?

(Re: referencing from the future, they could edit info on the website or update manuals right? They do it often when gear gets a firmware update, no?)

Your advise is okay. The latest Transfer version should work with the previous Heat version, too.

The functionality to upgrade the firmware was added to Transfer in Feb/2020. The latest Heat firmware is from Oct/2019. So the release notes don’t mention Transfer but C6 for upgrading.


Got it:)