Analog Heat : Feature Requests

Would love to have the possibility to plug a mono signal in and still get the sound out on both L & R.

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Some friends asked me if they should get the AH for their live acts.
My answer was: "YES, BUT… you will have to be quite sober and careful"

From a sound perspective the AH is amazing for being on the master of a Liveact
because of the Saturation and the Filter.
But with the real life threats of intoxication, bad light and bad monitoring the AH can be a dangerous companion also (with the AH being so flexible and drastic).
Just imagine a bypassed AH and somebody by accident cranks up drive and resonance to full and then hit ACTIVE.

So what could be done to solve that?
Kinda a child safety lock
While programming you define from where to where a knob should adjust values. similar to how you can limit midi knob range in Ableton.
For example the Resonance Knob could be limited to 30% of what’s the little beast actually can do. #filtermouth

Essential i would see to be able to limit Character selector, Drive, Resonance & maybe Filter Modes.
Other things could be also cool, like to have a Macro Page, where you make the 4 endless dials to macros of your choosing…

I personally would also love that in the studio.
but there it’s not so essential, i have made a little workaround with midi knobs for some functions that i would have to switch pages while jaming (env width…)

blablabla… you get the idea… what do you think?


Funny I was thinking a similar thing today, each program could have its own scene where you can set 4 parameters (perhaps accessed by second page of AMP button?) Hold setting and AMP button to enter scene program mode, where you assign a parameter to each of the 4 encoders together with a min and max range.
A way to do the setting could be to first press the target encoder, then turn the parameter of interest to minimum required setting press encoder to save then set parameter to max required, press encoder to save. The only downside is that parameters without their own dedicated encoder like say LFO depth would have to be accessed from another method, perhaps a scrolling list unless a dedicated encoder is turned.


yeah the macro page could be just page 2 of “AMP”.
even the first page, as apart from “Preset-VOL” everything has it’s dedicated control there anyway… hehe.


Dude, you should start your own company. You are a genius electronic engineer who can overcome any design challenge and you can write software instantly at no cost. You have many competitive advantages. If you really want to help others (and that seems to be your main motivation) you can do the most good by simply creating superior products for a very low cost with unlimited features.


I read the manual before I bought it, saw that that was NOT a feature, and bought it anyway. It isn’t less for my money because I knew it wasn’t there beforehand. Casual research told what the box could and couldn’t do.

Assumptions will usually fail at some level. When spending real premium money, I always read the manual first and don’t make assumptions.

My interest? I bought the Heat anyway and I love the hell out of it.


I’d like an option to smooth envelope follower.
Attack and decay work, but then it’s not reactive enough.


I’d love some preformance macros or something. To be able to set specific ranges for the parameters, offering a bit of a safety net in live performances etc… Would also love it if I could have a macro which increases one value while decreasing other, again in a scaled manner. This would enable things like pseudo-makeupgain, compensating filter cutoff modulation with vilume etc


I’d like an A/B comparison feature as this task is very time consuming on this box.

My idea is:

  • double tap the two buttons “Amp” & “Filter/EQ” for saving the temporary preset A
  • double tap the two buttons “Env” & “LFO” for saving the temporary preset B


  • single tap the two buttons “Amp” & “Filter/EQ” for loading the temporary preset A
  • single tap the two buttons “Env” & “LFO” for loading the temporary preset B

So now you are able to switch between three states very quickly (the third state being the non processes state with the “Active” button inactive)


… and for that purpose, RMS level meters for the inputs and outputs.

For now, I’m using two instances of Klanghelm VUMT plugin.

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I would love a metronome on the AH headphone out. Otherwise I can´t use it last in the chain, which is a bummer.

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  • sampler
  • sequencer
  • delay
  • reverb
  • midi retrig
  • midi tracks
  • video editor
  • hot sandwich press
  • ATM
  • all wheel drive



2 more IN’s …

Haha, no but seriously, i really want to buy another heat as i think it sits best on the insert, not as much as on a send, and i have a couple of machines so…
the price is somewhat holding me back, but i know it’s worth every swedish krona :wink:
the filter is amazing, i wonder if they will ever release just the filter as a standalone box…

I guess this would need hardware mod. :slight_smile:
Do you use OT’s Cue Out ?
Usable for metrome with a mixer.

Wavefolder and bitcrush

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No I don’t use ots cue out. How would you set it up? Thanks andre.

Default Ot’s metronome setting is Cue.
You can also set Ot’s headphones to Cue only.
You’d have to mix OT’s + AH’s headphones for example.
Depends on what kind of mixer you can use.
Maybe a dedicated small mixer for monitoring.
If you have 2 inputs free on OT you’d be able to hear AH sent to Cue + Metronome.

OT ins are full, so that ‘heat as an insert effect’ is not an option. I still don´t get how I should be able to hear heats output and the ot metronome, even with a mixer, while audience won´t…

Edit: I think now I understood. The mixer had ot cues with metronome only and heat output on one mixer track each and the ot cue on the monitor mix of the mixer only, mixed together with heat output on the monitor mix.

Yeah it was just a monitoring guess. :wink:

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