Analog Heat : Feature Requests

You are kidding, right?
The heat is exactly as was marketed, a bad ass stereo distortion effect in a box, this is exactly how I got mine!
It’s actually one of the few times where a product is nearly flawless in its execution vis à vis it’s announced feature set.

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It’s not crippled at all, no one ever expected the heat to be a midi interface, no one should. It was never announced as working as one. You are nuts.
And I am a huge critic of elektron gear in general, I can’t stand the octatrack for example, but I can recognize when they hit a nail on the head, and this is one for sure. And the analog rytm mk2 is damn close as well.

Regardless, the only thing I’m really missing is an autosave feature.


Yeah, better saving would be nice, I struggle with that in the plugin

Had the Analog Heat since it came out and never once did it cross my mind to save or open up a preset, it’s such a straight forward machine yet you can accomplish so much.

Well I should have read the manual cause I didn’t get Overbridge working and of course I just hadn’t enable it :smiley:

If you guys use Live just use Audio effect rack for Heat and save it in the user library.


I’ve sent my feature requests to Elektron but I’ll list them here to see if you guys agree

-Gate trigger CV control of envelope trigger to actually work (it doesn’t work right now and one of the reasons I bought)
-CC for control of turning the filter on and off

Controling filter type and filter bypass using MIDI CC is already implemented.

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Indeed: Analog Heat : Feature Requests

What’s the CC for Filter Bypass then?
Because it’s not in the manual
And Elektron seem to back up my request for it?

Weird…why take time out of your day, for an un-funny mocking of a VERY real mindset that the company tries it’s hardest (and is quite successful…their better at propaganda and shame marketing than they are at designing electronic musical instruments, they still haven’t gotten that whole “Market something that works” gimmick down yet) to foster in consumers?

It’s just very difficult to estimate what possible motive you might have had for writing that…

But one thing is certain, you think my statements are important, you wouldn’t have done what you dd if you didn’t think so.

So thank you!

Did I say it gave me negative vibes?

Quite the contrary, something at both Arturia and Roland were dealt with for the betterment of all consumers because I was willing to assert myself, lock-jaw down on a something that is truly wrong and disrespectful to consumers.

Both companies appeased me, it’s actually quite possible that you are enjoying something that WORKS from either of those companies, because I am who I am and do what I do, an at the end of the day it was better for those companies as well.

There are people like me in the world, we make it better for people like you. We stick to our principals no matter how many people like you try and gets us to join the herd, I must admit, though, I wonder: why so opposed to someone who ultimately, represents YOUR interests?

I suppose watching someone stand for something, reminds you of all the years you’ve spent sitting in your assigned seating.

At any rate, my efforts in consumer advocacy have produced nothing put the most positive outcomes,

…oh…wait, here comes the record skip!..coming in 3-2-1…

Sing along! You know the words!

Every device even remotely close to the Analog Heat, released over the last decade, has functioned as a MIDI interface, the Heat its self-functions as an audio interface. It also has MIDI capabilities with the ports built right in, knowing how little it takes to make a device thusly equipped function as a full MIDI interface and the “Zero dollars” cost of doing it, it is clear that you intentionally crippled this standard feature.

That’s extremely disrespectful to customers who paid an inflated price for this box, your history of intentionally crippling products provides further evidence that you intentionally held back, what in 2017, is considered a “given” as far as feature sets are concerned.

Why you do this, I don’t know, your company has too many moral black marks against it for me to expect an honest answer, or a good reason.

But I DO expect, a piece of gear at this price level to meet certain standards, the Analog Heat does not.

Unlock the full MIDI interface capabilities, not as a “Bonus” or a “free gift” but because you should never have crippled it in the first place

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Don’t own a heat so don’t have a clue, but comes down to whether Elektron advertised midi interface as a current or proposed feature when you purchased it?
If so then whinge away, if not then stop whinging


They just forgot to write the bypass values on the manual. :slight_smile:

Is CC80

1=LP2, 3=LP1, 5=BP, 7=HP1, 9=HP2, 11=BS, 13=PK

And bypass values are, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (and may be 14 too, don’t remember right now).

Happy bypassing!


They didn’t.

Assumptions are the mother of all f***ups. In his case, buying something and assuming it should do something that is not even in the manual nor advertised.

Besides, this is not a synthesizer. It’s an effect. Not much effects out there that work like midi interfaces as well, so no idea why any of his examples are of any value really.


Christmas has come early!!
Thanks a lot, hadn’t bothered sending CC to change filter type yet as I didn’t really want to do that.
But i guess that’s a cool way to implement the bypassing.
Strange though as when I requested to Elektron their reply was
“I’ll pass your request on to the team”
Thanks again


Cool story!

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Envelope midi trigger is my main request.
Could Env Threshold midi CC be a workaround ?

No, they never advertised it as a midi interface. It works precisely as advertised. I fail to understand the vitriol about it not doing something it was never advertised to do.


Tested. It’s possible to trigger envelope / lfo with midi, sending an Envelope Threshold CC16, with a 0 value, and a 127 value before.

A specific CC and / or any Note > trigger option would better, but it works.


Would be nice if the screen could be turned off or you could pull down the brightness, I mostly use it with Overbridge so the screen is just burning up for no reason…