Analog Heat : Feature Requests

Just kidding!

With the sense of entitlement going on in this forum, won’t be surprise it was the case.

Now seriously, raise you hand if you bought Analog Heat already!



I guess Tremolo, Auto-PAN
Movement in Stereo Panoramic (Nick Batt)


a MIDI sequencer


There is no Pan but the the filter frequency cutoff between the two channels can be offseted/tilted similar to a Pan.



Plastic lid cover? :grimacing:

Or will it be like the analog keys and not get a PL cover?


a half price sale :wink:


when I started a jokingly feature request thread like this I gotten shit pored over me left and right! … no need to comment on that. and no need to delete my comment.:toilet:

please an auto-save, like all other elektron-gear

reverb and delay!

But in seriousness, I dont really care about the Analog Heat, but if they created a similar processing box focussed on delay reverb phasing and other similar modulations Id be interested.


They already have boxes with delay and reverb. Those boxes come with analog synth engines as a bonus too.


these effects are not really useable as they don’t act as a proper send/return effects (they always send the original signal)

Surely using the dry wet knob at full wet makes this send and return.


i was thinking about the A4 … where is that Dry/Wet Knob?

ahhhh :confounded:

True enough I have an A4 and a RYTM, but they are not specialised effects boxes with multiple reverb and delay models custom designed lfos & filters etc with all the hands on knobs for each effect which is kind fo the point of a hands on FX box no?

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OK i would like a Protective Lit PL-3 and a BAG to carry my hot and Dark DOG so Heat doesn’t bite a grandma out there :joy:

copy paste from @goatofneptune

A short wish list:
bring out OB (at least a beta)
make it also a class compliant Audio Interface
dont let it forget all its settings after switching off
show the current bpm in the lfo-page
write more usecases and examples in the manual and make some tutorial videos.


+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

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+1 for the protective lit

is it just me, or is the maximum output of the ah a bit soft? I didnt make a measurement yet but looking at the levels in my mixer the maximum outputlevel could get a gentle push.

for ob (how soon is “very soon”?)
an editor and sort of online database for patches, where users can upload and download new patches

some sort of grand total recall for ob, where i can store a patch that consists of a setting for the rytm or a4 together with the corresponding ah setting

display the current bpm
display the current filter frequency in hz for exact tuning
display attack and release in ms
display the triggervalue in db

a mono to stereo switch, so when I go in with a mono synth, I get out a stereo (dual mono) signal

set the env trigger in the setup only react to the left or right channel. then I can use this left or right channel as a sidechain trigger for the other channel.

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I’ve had my AH for a week now, my #1 is the same as Goat’s above.

I’d also love a function that would allow you to increase “drive” and automatically lower “wet level” to keep output consistent level. Obviously you can do this manually, but if you had an option to link the two it would avoid volume jumps when looking for the right balance.
A hard limiter on the output would also be cool, I have made a couple of “louder than expected” edits…the list could go on, but even as it is now the device is really remarkable, it is a great creative tool.

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