Analog heat as main soundcard/audio interface


I decided to keep my soundcard till the update makes it all function well


I can also confirm it runs great as a sound card. Interestingly, if you use it as your default playback device in OSX or windows, you only hear the dry signal not the effect. You have to run the plugin to get the overdrive, EQ, filter etc. The other interesting thing is you can run both simultaneously so you can have outputs playing one thing while the plugin doing something different. (wet and dry separate)

I haven’t tested yet how well the midi in/out works via overbridge. Would it work as a standard interface where it passes midi from the DAW in/out to other devices ?

More testing needed when I’m at my machines :wink:


when I lisen to music from my computer, when the HEAT is the soundcard… after 10 minutes glitses and noise appears :frowning:


I haven’t encountered that, but I did notice that in DAW when I hit play the plugin will crackle a bit for a few seconds until it “catches” up. Works solid once it’s going but has that initial crackle issue almost as though it’s buffering.

I want to test more but my time is always limited so I spend it at the machines making new sounds or beats. I do foresee using Overbridge more and more if I decide to record a proper studio album instead of just live jams.


Not really no. Perhaps after a few more OB updates, but not right now.


I have two studios (a professional one and a home studio)…
and i use Analog Heat in my Homestudio as a sound card,
i connected my Adam A7X and my Headphones without problems.

it works and i can use also the functions of Saturation and Midi at the same time.

but don’t expect a sound card like from RME or whatever.
sometimes it is glitchy. but it works the most of the time…

i am on a MAC


At the namm interview cenk says that the Apple Ob is not as good as the Windows Ob… i use Apple and i am disappointed… at namm they use lenovo laptops


Which OS? I’m running mavericks but scared to make the jump


yesterday i updated to Sierra… today i am in the studio to test it… i will let you know


now i do it like this:
my RME sound card goes with 32 or 64Buffer size out on 3&4
to input of AH than processing without Overbrigde.
than analog back inside my RME card…

that is the only way it works without jitter for me on my macbook pro
OS X Maverics & Sierra don’t worked for me with overbridge.

so i do it analog now


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling OB? That fixed things for me when I upgraded to Sierra…


thanks for the heads up, even more scared to make the jump!


i will give it a try now… thanks for the tip. because the first 2 days it was working perfectly… than overbrigde told me all the time there is a problem with the usb connection. (it is directly inside the macbook pro connected, no usb hub)


i will let you know tomorrow after reinstalling the drivers how it works now


Give it a try. AFAIK apple changed the system-wide USB implementation in osx 10.9.5 and borked the functionality of several USB devices. Ever since stuff needs to be recoded according to the new implementation for things to run smoothly.


I installed and reinstalled… newest Apple os… newest Ob…

Result: glitches and latency in ableton
Also as a soundcard for listening to iTunes music, the sound becomes ugly within 15 min Unrecognized soundcard… etc…

So… not cool

But happy that cenk sais He knows it…
And He sais it will be fixed soon


same here… glitches for the bitches


so is it not possible to send Midiclock from the Heat when using with overbridge? Want to sync my volcas…


why not?


I tried it with no luck. is it working with other people?