Analog heat as main soundcard/audio interface


what must work… select heat as a soundcard and in midi preferences… you can turn ‘midi out’ to heat.
then send midi out from ableton (you use ableton? i do)

connect a cable from AH output to volca input

should work…


If you have a spare output from your computer, just send it a clock pulse, something like an 808 rimshot should do. When you get the output volume to just the right level, it should work stable.

Alternatively, you can sample the clock pulse from the volca and use that sample as your sync pulse trig.


does anyone knows the diffeerence between the 2 drivers for AH on mac?
i mean “core audio” vs “Bit Acurrate” is one better or faster? what is the diffeerence?



i thought bit accurate is a bit more accurate than core audio


cool thanks… at the moment i have no problems with the drivers.
after upgrading OS X, a uninstall and a reinstall of the drivers from
electron works today for me. i can run overbrigde in ableton on 128 buffer size



oh… to be honest… i don’t know…

but i keep on having problems with osx…
new drivers, means new OB?


reinstall of drivers after upgrading to osx sierra.
with the “bit accurate driver” i can go to 64 samples buffersize in ableton without glitches!
and i am using overbrigde for processing +

i have running at the same time 5x instances of Avenger Synth, 8x Softube TSAR Reverb,
15x Neutron Channelstrip, 10x cable guys Volume shaper, 3x Eiosis Desser.

and no glitches on my macbook… awesome


I’ve switched to Bigwig for the reason of Overbridge and seems to be working better. (also in anticipation of Bitwig 2)


you don’t wait for ableton 10?


sorry… my problems are back.
glitching… if i open a ableton set everything works great for hours.
but when i put the overbridge plugin to a other track instead of the one which
it was when i opened the project, the glitches come back straight.


For everyone that have the issue of random loud glitches, try turning of the wifi receiver in the computer if you have one!

Analog Heat sound glitches when recording onto another audio channel

How is the Heat working for people now? I have a MacBook Pro 2015 & Ableton Live. I plan to use an Octatrack and run it into Live, and thinking about using the Heat as a sound card, with a little Saturation thrown in for good measure. I have to get a sound card anyway, and the distortion, envelopes, and filters are just more icing on the cake for me. There haven’t been any new replies here since May…does that mean many of the issues have been resolved with Overbridge for Mac?


Doesnt work; latency and noise problems…
Heat is very Nice (and very expensive)…
will be better with next ob


That’s kind of what I expected. I’m in no huge hurry to pick one up. It sounds like it wouldn’t hurt to wait


Try ot first…
Enough to learn
And the distortion is not that bad


Just got the Heat yesterday and expected it to work out of the box… not working connection between the Heat and my Macbook Pro as far as I can tell. Reinstalled OB as many have suggested and maybe that will work? Hoping I don’t have to replace it because it was pretty inconvenient to pick up in the first place.

I should note that it did show up in C6 config, but I was not able to update over USB, only over MIDI.


Mine works as a soundcard
But in Ob it doest work properly…


Out of the box you have to update the analog heat OS to the latest version in order to get it seen by OB (at least this is what I had to do).


How do you set Heat up as a sound card --its not plug and play out of the Box . Do i need to install any drivers just for sound card mode?


At ‘support’ in you might find drivers, If they are there…

For me the soundcard didnt function very stable