Analog four mk 2 or Machinedrum mk2

I can get a really nice machinedrum mk2 with the +drive & turbo midi locally for the same price as an analog four mk2. I love them both and really dig the weird glitchy drum synthesis. I have samples galore but really am craving evolving percussion. Those that have had both, which one would you prefer? I know the machinedrum is pretty outdated but it’s one of a kind. I have an Octatrack and Digitakt already so Elektron is my thing.

Only have a4, but since you have ot and dt already i would go with a4… mk1 even, fits better to the form factor.

A4 is pure synth, can possibly be more versatile than machinedrum

control a4 with midi from dt and/or dt and you get ever evolving drums :wink:

if the MD is UW, then definitely go MDUK


If you can’t tell whether you want an analog synth or a digital drum machine, then consider that this is a relatively rare chance to try an MD.


Can I ask the price of the MD? I’m looking into buying one myself and I’m checking prices.

Try Machinedrum, you’ll always be able to resell if you don’t click with it.
But it’s still today a very powerful drummachine and much more !


I just got one in good condition for 1000€, the SPS-1 UW mkII.


I would get the MD for sure, especially if its the UW, they are getting rare and expensive and there will always be A4´s for sale.


If you want evolving sounds I can’t see paying the crazy used prices on a Machinedrum considering the outdated sequencer. The sound of the MD is a vibe and might be hard to get away from even with UW.

That’s really good. I’m seeing very high prices and I think some people are asking too much. I’ll see if I can get lucky too. (I’m based in Europe if anyone hears of a good deal - PM me).

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SPS-1UW+ this person wants $2,000. Nvm I thought it was cheaper

This is the sps-1UW+ turbo midi, original box, looks like the plastic is still on tbe screen. Idk though, like 2000 with free shipping is a lot a lot.

Enjoy your Analog 4 mk2 :smiley:


I would go mk1 if you do not need the individual outputs

As much as I love the A4 I’d have to recommend the MD in your case.


I actually just messaged the guy. This is actually a pretty good deal considering free shipping. Converted it’s $1800 USD. I’m probably going to get it and sell my Sonic Liven & MPC Live to cover some of the costs

Im getting the Machinedrum for sure if it’s still available tomorrow. I can resell it always. Seems they just go up in price.


I´m sure you will be pleased with that decision. The MD is a magical device. :slight_smile:

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And if I’m mainly going to use the synth engines there’s no point of getting the UW+?

I am talking about the a4 mk1. I have no clue about the md, never tried one. :grinning: