Analog four mk 2 or Machinedrum mk2


I personally would not buy something only because it is a classic and rare and hard to get, and many people are raving about it.

I Will have to do a bit of research regarding that machine drum I guess… I think what I know so far is, it is a drum synth with some short/small sample involved and flexible machines

Anyway, enough off topic. Btw. Plus one for a4 :wink:


Fear of missing out, and gear acquisition syndrome aren’t a good combination. Plus I don’t really use my mpc besides bouncing samples and editing drums. I’d trade it in a heartbeat towards a Machinedrum.

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Yeah. There’s one for sale in Sweden for 1000usd I see. Problem with the knob. I’d check ebay, seem cheaper on there than reverb

MD and A4 are #1 and #2 in the Elektron family, in terms of drum synthesis. A4’s sequencer has the edge, though, plus you can ARP some linear FM drums with it which is quite wild. Then again, the retrig on MD is great for glitch. Then again a toothpick wedged into the bank button while you surf patterns in direct jump mode is also great for glitch.

What about an A4 MK1 + Analog Heat? Big sound, OT and Digi sized boxes to match the ones you already own. Performance macros.


I’m going to sell a bunch of LPs I’ve been saving & get the A4 also. I really love the multiple outs of the mk 2. Goes well with some octatricks.