Analog Four/Keys OS 1.35: bug discussion


So support have been unable to recreate any of the bugs I’ve reported this past week or so, and they don’t seem to be treating them as bugs. Yet they only seem to be testing with clean projects on the latest OS…

I won’t be too hard on them as its holiday season and they released 7 OS’s at once, but breaking existing features and not acknowledging it is not the way forward. Everyone that upgrades is going to have older projects, why aren’t Elektron testing properly?


Hi Guys,

i tried to setup my Performance Mode right.
But i Can’t see the Track Names directly in
the Performance Mode Screen.
(T1-T4) !!?!?!
OS 1.35

Hopefully you guys can help me…

thx a lot… :slight_smile:



Another weird regression behaviour on mk.1…

When ‘long pressing’ a button to reveal its parameter values (OSC1, OSC2, ENV, LFO), the page switches too, effectively meaning you are seeing the parameters from the other page. Easy workaround is to double press when wanting to view values but it can get very confusing sometimes.


Hi guys,

I have same problem. Track doesn’t appear on perf configure mode on MKII for old and new project :frowning:

Do you guys created a support ticket ? Is it a known bug ?

Thanks you all.


When using ‘page paste’ on mk.1 , the paste button is on autofire, meaning when you hold the paste button it cycles the paste/undo paste rapidly.

Not a hardware issue as track copy/paste, and trig copy/paste work fine on my unit. Its literally just the page paste that has this behaviour.


I can confirm that this issue was previously there in 1.24 too, it’s not nice if your finger dwells just a little too long , so in order to get it tidied up it’d make sense to send in a support ticket


I’ve already got a few tickets open including this, which is definitely confirmed by support too.


I too can confirm the missing track name in performance mode along with direct start and direct jump not working on old projects started before the 1.35 update (it does work on new projects started after 1.35 update.)
Is anyone experiencing the following; when long holding a trigger button in record mode in order to adjust/add parameter locks it seems to erase all the parameter locks on that trigger.
I have started a ticket but if anyone has any insight they can share if it is a bug or user error I would definitely appreciate the help.


No track modulation destination available for performance macros.


New to the A4 mkll and didn’t realize this was a bug until I made a post about it last night in the A4 forum. But this is just fucking stupid. I wonder how many other bugs I’ve been unknowingly dealing with because I thought it was user error.


I also have this bug on my one-day-old MK2. I also have noticed that when I sequence the note C6 it does not lit up when I hold down the trigger. Instead note C5 lits up. Is this a bug?


Anyone else experiencing the ENV DEP bug for ENV F and ENV 2? When adjusting Envelop Depth to negative value the display does not indicate or read negative values until it reaches (-1.00). So a value of (-0.67) will read out (0.67).


Hello everybody, I’m going crazy !
In the modulation setup (perf mode and expression pedal)I’m not able to specify which track i want to be affected by de knob. I mean, it seems to be very easy but on my A4 there is just the paramater (Amp decay etc) and the “knob” to adjust the amplitude of the modulation.
I give you this link if i’m not enough accurate for you :

It seems like its shown by default but on mine not… I spent some hours and can’t find the solution ! :frowning:
Thanks you


Hi, you need to push the first knob


Yes but nothing happens except “ERR” is showed where there is the name of the parameter modulation…


Frankly speaking, it is a shame that Elektron did not manage to fix the “wrong octave LED” bug with 1.35.

A bit of history: This used to work perfectly (on MkI machines) up until 1.24c. The “wrong octave LED” bug was introduced with the 1.30 for MkII machines (I forgot when this was released), alongside with ugly sibling: the “wrong note LED” bug, which meant the A4 MkII’s mini keyboard was completely useless, as it showed wrong note and octave LEDs for p-locked notes.

Elektron fixed the “wrong note LED” bug with 1.30b in late December 2017, but they did not fixed the “wrong octave LED” bug. I simply do not understand how Elektron managed to fix the “mini keyboard LEDs display wrong note values”, while at the same time not fixing the “mini keyboard LEDs display wrong octave values”, because you simply can’t verify that the first bug (wrong note LEDs) has been fixed, without noticing that the second bugs (wrong octave LEDs) still exists.

I filed a support ticket for this in March 2017 and had high hopes that the 1.35 would fix this. There has been a time when this was working, at least with A4 MkI’s…but alas it looks like neither the engineer implementing this nor the QA person testing this seem to think that this central point of the A4 MkII’s visualization of music is worth fixing.

I so wish Elektron would have never started the Overbridge project, as it seems to draw all their attention into the wrong direction…away from solidly working, reliable hardware music making boxes.


I’m trying to use performance mode on my A4 Mk2. I understand how the mode works and that im supposed to select the track to be impacted by the performance knob by pressing the data knob and selecting the correct track

However - I have no track indicators showing so when I press data knob there is no indication of which track im selecting. I have learned that if I press multiple time s I think in cycling through the tracks and, when I reach FX track I get an ‘ERR’ message, same for CV then back to blank as I assume it cycles back to track 1.

This is really frustrating - not sure if its a hardware issue or some setting ive overlooked.

Anyone any ideas?

Pic showing Track missing (T1, T2 etc)

Pic showing ERR message



Known bug, wait for next OS.


Got it - thx for pointing m e to that. Shame i spent many hours trying to work this out. Even more of a shame that the bug was acknowledged almost 2 months ago but no update. This is quite an important error for a ‘performance orientated synth’. Would have thought something could have been done in 2 months


Is installing the previous (non-bugged) software an option?