Analog Four/Keys Midi Out Tips & Tricks

There is already a thread for loopback, but I figured I would make one for general MIDI out.

Using the A4 for MIDI sequencing is WAY cooler than I imagined.

  • 6 polyphonic tracks
  • Trig conditions
  • Meter scale per track
  • Transpose
  • Tempo per pattern
  • Harmonic scales
  • Performance mutes
  • Direct jump patterns

What a hoot. I would a probably buy the A4 for this alone.

I wish they would allow the arpeggiator to MIDI out. Maybe in a future update.

At first I was a little bummed that I could not send out CCs and stuff, but it forced me to think a little differently and keep it simple. So, I do all the performance and parameter changes on my Ableton Push.

It also caused me to think differently about sequencing with my OP-Z. I kind of put the Z in the closet, because it was too fiddle-y with all the parameter mappings, but using it for just notes and velocity - like I am with the A4 - makes it way more simple and fun.

What tips do y’all have?


Here’s one:

Use the below device to split chords so that each note gets recorded on a separate A4 track.

Then, rearrange/transpose/sequence/scale/trig condition those ideas on the A4 and sequence other stuff.

I can’t wait to explore this. I have wanted a device like this for a long time.

Where do they come from?

Edit: A sorry, yes there is major and minor. Almost forgot

A4/AK can send many Control Change messages with its knobs, you can use them to control external gear. You can choose between Auto Channel or Track Channel as midi out channel for knobs and keyboard.

Midi out with maj/min scales work nicely with transpose, staying in the same scale.


I did not have good luck sending CCs from the knobs.

For example, on the OSC page, the tune amount sends out weird changes in value when turning the knob. IIRC, another example is using the OSC wave knob; I think it only sends like three values.

Yes - the scale stuff is dope.

is there a way to turn on the Midi Note Send for every pattern without having have to enable it every time?

Some have few values, some are high resolution. You have to choose CC instead of NRPN.
I’d probably use a midi processor to map Perf CCs or another page with regular CCs, full range.

Not yet AFAIK. Would be interesting (as project setting like, with a Global setting).


much agreed. a global setting would simplify things dramatically.

I had this expectation that notes sent into the MIDI In of the A4 on the auto channel would be sent to both the currently selected track’s voice but also the that track’s configured MIDI out.

The use case is, I want to use a synth keyboard as a controller for the A4 and two other synths, and I don’t want to have to change the MIDI channel the keyboard sends on. Am I missing a way to do this?

It seems broken as it stands and it has been discussed and ticketed at Elektron. Plus it’s not exactly a tip or trick !

Sorry about that - I was hoping someone else had a tip or a trick! :sunglasses:

Do you basically set CC or NRPN on the “PARAM OUTPUT” setting in the “MIDI PORT CONFIG” page?

How can you send CCs/NRPNs out to external gear from the knobs without affecting the core synth sounds? Just use the performance page?

Depends on what do you want to control. CC are more common, should send less data.

Why not. Or CV if you don’t use it.
Certain parameters don’t send all values 0-127 (switches, waveforms…).

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Anyone know if there is a way when external Midi Sequencing not to have Trigless trigs trigger new midi notes?

Did you install 1.40A firmware?

Bug fixes
Sequencer incorrectly sent out MIDI notes on lock trigs.

(lock trigs = trigless)


Oh no I missed that, thanks!

I remember reading in another MIDI-related thread that you can sequence multiple notes per step on the A4. How do you do that? Just use the NOTE page on that trig?

Additional notes can be added in Arp page.
You can also hold a trig and plays notes with the keyboard, or external midi gear.


Will those additional notes be transmitted over MIDI despite the arpeggiator itself not being sent out as MIDI?

Yes. 4 notes per track, 6x4=24 notes max.