Analog Four 1.50 & Analog Rytm 1.60

I’m reading a fair few complaints about screen burn in with A4MKII, is this issue fixed?

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Nice! the arp adheres to the scale now… pretty sure it didnt before


Trig preview would be so nice on Octatrack too.

Great to see Elektron putting this out though :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is no such thing here on my machine after almost 3 years of use.

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The best way I’ve found to inspect the state of your OLED panel is to enter Test Mode and press and hold trig #1.

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Is it ? wish I could listen to it too !! could you share the factory content .sysex ? Pleeeaase

Since their original release, the machines have gotten screen savers to remedy this (2018). It could be that people either got the burn-ins before this, or that they simply haven’t upgraded their firmware in a long time.

If anyone has issues with units that has come up after the screen saver implementation, they should contact Elektron support as they would be interested in investigating it.


I don’t think anyone has the rights to do this.

*looking the other way

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A4 Mk2 here… Since kits are Global (I’ve already overwritten with mine…) If I factory reset on default project 01, will I loose my kits too? Thanx

Yes, fixed

No, kits are part of each project. Only sounds are global…


Oh… my fault :slight_smile: thnx mate!

It frequently mentioned on this forum that the current screen saver is ineffective - kicking in too late and leaving the screen on even if there is only Midi data coming in…

This and your previous line suggest that the dim and blackout values were tested, presumably extensively, before implementing them - is it fair to suggest that there’s a high degree of confidence in that approach being adopted, it would go some way to assuaging the fears of those (myself included) that the current hour timeout is arbitrarily long and intuitively it feels like something that a user should be able to determine for that peace of mind.

It goes without saying we expect that you don’t want warranty repairs, so there must be confidence in the method implemented, but wouldn’t an option be to periodically update the screen (maybe in time with the tempo led) if a user is hands-off - perhaps even inverting the screen if there’s a valid reason to preserve info on screen for some user scenarios

Basically, the science can be everyone’s friend here if this current system is established as fit for purpose and not in need of a tweak - to be fair, the dimming is marginal and an hour is quite long by any standards - it leaves some nervousness about it - but I guess whilst we’re veering off-topic a bit, a quick word on this to calm the community wouldn’t go amiss :thup:


A cautionary note for those doing an A4 Mk2 Factory Reset

The +Drive will have Banks A and B repopulated

I assumed it’d be bank A only so moved my own sounds to bank B (luckily I had also backed up by SysEx dump, practicing what I preach) … anyway, it does fill up Bank A and B

tbh, because I’d wiped the +drive I can’t recall if that was the case pre 1.50, but it’s only Bank A that is affected on AR

The main haul from both machines is the new kits imho


I think it was always like that on A4


A and B contain Factory Presets on A4/AK.

I’m still on an older OS (1.4something IIRC), haven’t found the time to backup all my projects, yet, hence no updates for me^^


Do the arp offsets snap to scale as well?

I would guess so. But not really my area. Will have to discuss this with my colleagues that maybe know more. Very reasonable arguments imo.

@Krille @Patrik?