Analog Four 1.50 & Analog Rytm 1.60

as I said - I wrote the reason above - it’s not technical - it’s due to the slightly different filter/drives

edit : above being back in time in another thread, but you knew that right ! …

yeah, I don’t know why people want stereo samples. panning things would become nightmarish.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I was thinking where is it. In the long post with all the new features somewhere. :slight_smile:


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Yeap. Thanks

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Did anyone successfully uploaded its AR with new firmware ?

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It’s possible to found the .sysex factory 2 AR somewhere ?

it’ll only be officially available through the Factory Reset method on a device from what I’ve understood - so as mentioned, backup Project 1 and Restore to your AR if you want that content - then organise as you please


The new factory content sounds excellent so far! Thank you so much Elektron!!

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Had this same issue. Waiting a minute to restart seems to have solved it.

Potential new user here.
I’ve read it’s not possible to save Load/Save kits on the RYTM?
As in save the internal synth sound settings AND the samples together?
I find this mind boggling if true.

Awesome that you included the Sampler Only option for the Rytm! Could you please also add that to Overbridge? Would make my workflow sooooo much faster/easier…

As far as I know, Elektron is aiming to do this in future with their new Transfer software, but complete project backup is not yet ready:


This is awesome!!


Fantastic update! analog rytm is going to be amazing on the ipad sampling back in and out and resampling with drambos ram machines!


I was confused at first when I saw “trig probability” vs “trig conditions”. I guess “track probability”, if not really the best term, make it easier to grab: You can set a probability(percentage only, no 1/2, fill, etc) at the track level that will be applied to all the trigs on your sequence.
Until now you could set a trig condition in percentage between 0-99%. As they added “track probability”, you can now set a trig condition to be 100% so that whatever your “track probability” is set to, the 100% trig conditions will always play(therefore overriding the “track probability”).

If you only use “track probability”, it can also work as a crescendo mute feature.

They call it “trig probability” because you can only set a percentage whereas “trig conditions” allow you to set other value like fill, no-fill, 1/2, etc.


Thanks Elektron! Stoked with the upgrade

are you connected to your computer via USB? If yes, try to disconnect them perhaps it will help?

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wow that’s exactly what i needed to connect erica bassline and midi keyboard

So just to confirm (sorry if this has been confirmed before): the new OS consist in 16 new presets and associated sounds / kit, right ?

+plus all new freebies = )