Analog Four 1.50 & Analog Rytm 1.60

i would love to update - but there still doesn’t seem to be a way of easily backing up the ARmk1 (still on 1.30b - last OB 1.15 Compatible version) in one go, rather than having to back up each proejct individually.

Even doing each project individually fails to copy each item sent via C6. The back up process is a bit of a mess, which has put me off updating for ages.

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Thank you !

Gotta say it is worth it to invest in such expensive gear with such commitment from Elektron to continue improve it. Even the MKIs…

Glad I got my MKIIs when I could afford it. (Ahhhh those pre-covid days…)
They arent leaving the studio anytime soon…



With your method, you have to program it on every step. Probability is for the whole Track.

Ok so you can assign prob to scenes or perf pads?

Brilliant, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Manual, page 50.


You’re kidding me, I wanted the new content, but got a new firmware.
This is better than anything I wished for.

Thank you very much, Elektron :heart_eyes:

:3lektron: GoaT


So, new sounds only with BLACK units, but edited demonstration patterns for all within factory reset?

It’s always good idea to back up every project, but if you’re especially focused on installing a new OS then the Factory Reset only overwrites the first Project slot on the +Drive and sound back A.

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And I had my Monomachine for … what … 10 years ?? :rofl:


Ooooh, nice one. Looking forward to delving into this on my MK1 machines. Shame about no class compliant audio on the MK1 Rytm, but I guess it’s too much to hope for!

lol I’ve had no idea about this either. I’m surprised I never caught it in a youtube video or something like that.

Thanks Peter, and agreed, however C6 fails to correctly receive all x kits, x sounds etc - it always gets less than is being sent. Which doesn’t instill much confidence that the data is being captured correctly, when the app designed to receive said data fails to receive all that is being sent.
It doesn’t offer a solution to say why this has happened either.

I’ve actually spoken to Elektron about this, but just logged in and the support ticket has disappeared. I think they suggested manually backing up each project, to which I asked how to do just that, if C6 isn’t receiving all data in the projects.

And backing up each project is absolutely a good idea. My point is to open all projects on my machine one by one, send to c6 before moving on to the next is a huge time sink. I have hundreds of projects.

Why is there not a simple way to back up the whole machine in one action?

Also you mentioned that installing new OS only overwrites first slot, however the releases notes say something along the lines of to guarantee your data safety you should back up each project to ensure it still works should you need to roll back an OS.


The new OS contains new and tweaked patterns and kits. No new sounds (on any device).


I think I’m not understanding what is meant by ‘step recording’ and ‘trig probability’… inputting notes step by step has always been a feature with elektrons? And trig probability has been a feature since 2016? What’s different with this? I guess I’m not understanding the description.

Amazing just read this

Time to buy the new A4 mk2 to pair with Rytm

No it was not

It was on the Monomachine

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probability is a track level feature as opposed to trig conditions which are plocked to trigs. It was first introduced in the model series. Trig condition plocks are ignored by the probability setting.

Step record is similar to the old 303 way of inputting the sequence step by step.


C6 is still there but removed from list of resources for products where Transfer is the officially recommended application.