Analog Four 1.50 & Analog Rytm 1.60

I’ve just gone in and copied (duplicated) Proj 1 [the presets] as a new project.

thx, didn’t expect it, thought the A4/AR is at its end-of-life development

Step recording is an old Monomachine feature that was recently reintroduced on the DT and DN. Brief description here:


Thanks a lot for your commitment and development.

Am I really the only one here and noone at elektron thinks that
Possibility to turn off pattern autosave ( on pattern change by accident or while having fun with jamming with the best sequencer and plocks)on a4
would be the biggest improvement, biggest motivation to buy mk2???:cry::notes:

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i ended up googling it to see, i was more confused with the phrasing. defa cool feature

Thank you! Love step recording and always wished the A4 could do this


This was a post from pulsn in the other News thread :

Well…the news is out, and i can break the silence…the MK2 grey model will also include the new factory sounds, when you update to A4 OS 1.50 and Rytm OS 1.60.

That’s what confused me.

Check out the updated manuals (written by one of most handsome writers in the biz) to read more about the new Step recording mode.


when the mk1 manuals updates are uploaded, i will :wink:


Hmm will investigate that…


So glad I just got a AR2!!


Ok solved, disconnecting the TM-1 did the trick. Weird though, that was never an issue before with up- and downgrading OB. I’ll add it to my future upgrade checklist

Halfway in, install about to happen, see you after the boot :slight_smile:


" Added the functionality that the tracks set to SEND MIDI now also forwards the incoming data from external MIDI controllers to the MIDI OUT port for control of an external device." HOURRAA !

Thanks Elektron this is awesome :slight_smile:


Now they should be online.


I forgot but can we save projects externally before upgrading to new OS?

Wut ??? I didnt know the Monomachine had step recording :slight_smile:


Trig Probability has been on Rytm since trig conditions was first announced years ago? I regularly play 16th hats with 66% chance of playing for example.

Or have i misunderstood this latest feature?

Trig preview is great, works very logically hold trig press yes to hear, a very seamless retrofit that feels like it has always been there, hats off to the elegant implementation.


Yes, you misunderstood, it can now be turned down as a performance feature that will affect all except trigs with probability locked.

Edit: An example being you can lock any trigs you always want to play at 100%, then during playback turn down probability to have non locked notes to play with % chance, good for breakdowns etc.


For me, thats the best step by step guide.
Quite good hidden in some beta page. Somwhere somehow i found it once, i didnt use it yet to save a project.
Also, c6 is gone from the official page, you have to find it somewhere else. (And no c6 for mac with catalina)
thanks ufuk: its (strangely, because its still needed to backup and restore) gone from the a4 support page but still there if you search for it and on analog drive support page.