Analog Drive

Be interesting to see how elektron’s foray into guitar pedal review world will go.

It’s a crowded marketplace, but wonderfully boutique as well as the mass manufacturers.

I now want a cut-down OT QuattroTrack looper pedal!

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I am wondering if there are guitar players in the staff of Elektron?

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OT 2 is also my wish, lets hope it’s not a wishful thinking.

It would be awesome if Elektron are coming with more different analog sound processors and use that research experience to create a new hybrid Octatrack concept.


Well you couldn’t get a product at a more opposite end of the technological spectrum to the mythical Octatrack 2 a lot of us have been hanging around for. Seems to be just a figment of my twisted imagination.

Unfortunately it seems like everything coming out these days is mini, micro or slim. Well stuff that I say. I’m looking for huge, wide and obese. Feed the man meat.

Back in around '86 when I wore tight black skinny jeans and a flanno I would have been all over this thing. Young and stupid then, didn’t have a clue, still don’t, but just worry if I buy this I won’t fit into those jeans anymore.

Anyway, enough reminiscing, just hope this new path they’ve taken isn’t the only one they’re travelling down now :pray:

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Guitar people will hate that it’s not true bypass. And it’s mad expensive for guitar market, especially in the US.
If it was reverb or something like that, but a drive pedal?


Looper’s next.


yea question is when - like today? this week?

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Wait, what? another new elektron box??!!!

Wait… What? another distortion unit!!!

I hope next one will be some kind of distortion unit!!


Next would be Analog 500 series :crystal_ball:

Looper would be cool. Shame they never totally fixed up that side of OT tho :confused:

Ayyyy. I called the box as an Analog Drive back in the old Elektron Box 2016 thread… although my spec guesses were closer to the Heat than the Drive (sans multi-fx) :slight_smile:

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And from outta left field

And does this mean subsequent effects boxes will be a Desktop machine + a stompbox variant?

stompbox Octatrack 2


Analog Melt


Strymon just put out an expensive drive pedal. That said, Strymon is a well-known commodity for guitarists, whereas I imagine there are a lot of guitarists who have never heard of Elektron. Tough market to break into; lots of saturation. But guitarists are also people who will pay $250 for a Fuzz Face clone that costs $25 to make, so it’s hard for me to tell what they’ll pay for.

As a bassist, I will say the lack of a wet/dry mix is a major turnoff, much more than the lack of true bypass.


Actually I am also a bit concerned about the power consumption. 400 mA seems really much for the typical guitar pedalboard powersupplies…

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ah ah !! Analog Trak, 1-track looper pedal. wait, no distortion unit? ah ah, sorry I can’t but troll :wink:

Does this mean @dataline is switching to guitar now? :wink:


Buffered Vs True Bypass is one of the big guitarist debates, so not all will be unhappy.