Analog Drive

## Ultimate distortion, times eight Say hello to this little friend. Analog Drive is a 100% analog distortion stompbox featuring no less than eight different analog distortion circuits. It is the ideal pedal for musicians who want to wreak havoc to signals and tones in the most diverse and characterful way possible. **Analog Drive highlights** _Total analog distortion box_ The sheer sonic range of the Analog Drive, courtesy of the eight different analog distortion circuits, is in itself a marvel. One stompbox harboring so many tone shaping opportunities: unheard of until now. Analog Drive is a bottomless well of new sounds. _The EQ touch_ Enhance your amp with the 3 band analog EQ. The mid band is sweepable, which is very handy for dialing in the perfect EQ setting. The mid EQ can also be controlled with an expression pedal, making it easy to create analog wah-like sounds. _For the live rig_ The possibility to store up to 100 user presets will make the live gig flow smoothly. And if you rely on MIDI during your performances, the Analog Drive delivers. All settings are fully controllable via MIDI and it can even send MIDI program change messages. **Analog Drive specifications** - 100% analog signal path - 8 different analog distortion circuits - 3 band analog EQ, with sweepable mid - 100 user preset slots - MIDI IN/OUT ports - 1 × ¼″ output - 1 × ¼″ input - 2 × ¼″ Expression pedal input - Fully controllable via MIDI - Capable of sending MIDI program change **Pricing & availability** Analog Drive retails for $379/€399/£349. It is immediately available for purchase. Delivery times are estimated to 5-7 business days. [More info at]( [Watch promo video on YouTube](
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wait, what?



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Looks good. Decent price. YouTube link not working?

Shame to lose the filter and lfos/env etc from AH tho. Depending on how it sounds I could have possibly switched out/sold 4 or 5 of my pedals if this had those AH features and had combined pedal patches… Still looks like a cool pedal tho.

does it have a MIDI sequencer?


Since the input is mono I guess this is aimed at guitarists?

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Yeap, no less than 64 tracks :tunga:


Now the original teaser is making more sense, perhaps more to come.


Yeh floor pedal so obvs aimed at (or at least not excluding) guitarists but most of my synth sounds are mono pre fx so it looks useful here for either.

They say good things happen in 3’s and they’re saving the best till last.
Yep that’s right…Octatrack 2 to be released within the week.


Is there an AH style wet/dry secondary knob function hidden in there anywhere?

that colour


genius… thats a great deal… and i just wait for the analog filter unit (with envelope follower and LFO) and much more little funky pedals to come… perfect to also have a 3-band-eq…

great electron!

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anyway… does it have somehow the same overdrive circuits than the Heat? just called different for guitar lovers? :-))

This is nice I guess. I just hope Elektron is going to do something else than effects boxes and pedals in the future too.

I feel some of the earlier boxes have been more innovative than this and Heat.

Jeez that 3 band eq would have been nice on the Heat.
Strange omission


Yeah, hopefully there are some of the old kind of products on the workbench atm. Kindof annoying they didn’t just do a straight up mono AH stomp box minus soundcard/overbridge. I’ve got too many pedals for my board already and would have been nice to have that distortion/filter/env/lfo combo in one box with one Preset. Hard to knock it as a straight distortion/eq/tone shaper tho.


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Been eyeing this for that. Ruban from UMO had it on his board and sounds pretty cool and reasonably deep.

I’m using ehx Q-balls riddle atm. Nice sound but pretty basic and no presets…

I think Elektron can do it all if they really want. Where were you Elektron 20 years ago in my prog metal bass playing days? I think a guitar/bass-oriented pedal is cool. I’m still more interested in the AH because it’s stereo and seems to be more about analogue distortion + filter fx, general sound sculpting and the AD to be aimed at being one of the most powerful and unique analogue distortion guitar/bass stomp boxes out there. Nice sounds on the promo video, btw. The website organisation is clear, though: Signal Processor"s", Synthesizer"s", Sampler"s". IMHO, there’s more of all of it coming. Eventually.