Amen Break one shots into Mmn?

After successfully loading the Boston and Immortal soundpack onto my Monomachine, I was wondering if there is a limitation to the Digipro waveforms in terms of ‘only’ single-cycle waveforms. I’ve read somewhere on the Forum that sampling is possible within a frame of 6-7 seconds, given that the Amen Break is about 6.5 seconds, I wanted to try to load up a soundpack containing one-shots of the break, in order to morph or arp trough the soundpack with Mmn.
Right now I have 26 samples of the Break which I can load successfully into the machine but within the Digipro-manager I do just see a flat line instead of a waveform, which is not producing any sound. Is this due to the length of the one shots, as other Digipro’s seem to be single-cycles?


Monomachine “Sampling” on YouTube:


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It doesn’t sound very good, but it’s feasible.


You have 0.1 secs as a max before you cannot transpose it back down to the original pitch. You could get part of the Amen to fit but not the whole thing. The good news is that it will might very well sound different than just about everyone else’s Amen Break. Would love to hear it if you do it.


Ahhh thats what I’ve overlooked!
Right now I am cutting the length of the one-shots, maybe I’ll find some time to also work with a sped-up loop of it.
So far the one-shots work but I do not know if there might be any very pleasant end-results… time will tell ^^

It might require a little detailed surgery. When I did this, I went to a bit of trouble to find zero crossings to keep the clicks down. I am guessing a lot of hits are longer than 0.1s, plus as I recall the Amen has some room sound like reverb.

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