Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]


Same here, I spent many hours of fun with the Rytm (my first Elektron), but now I got the MD and MnM it’s sleeping in its box. Maybe it will come to life again one day, I just can’t sell it.


Just saw that today is my 3 year anniversary with my Machinedrum. A piece of gear that totally changed my setup. :sparkling_heart:


basically i registered today just to say: in my 14 years of having the MD i never knew or found out the FUNC + knob twist trick. i kinda feel like an idiot now.

and to add to the praising in this thread, i think that i’m gonna state in my will that i want to be buried with my MD, that thing is just unmatched.


Control All?
No, at the contrary, you’re not an idiot anymore!
Enjoy! :grinning:
Did you use the CTRL ALL machine?

Lots of tricks here :


Maybe my last record with MD. I’m about to sell it. Boring to change machines, tune (even with OT + midi processor), boring lfo assignments (especially for MID and CTR machines), clicky…

I’m planning to get the DN. Pretty sure I’ll have more pleasure and even better drums sounds. Maybe AR MKI later.

EFM BD, 4 voices. Sequenced by OT + midi processor (notes to pitch). I’d need different tune settings for each machine ! Would be straight forward with DN.


You’ll miss it! Such a wonderful machine. If you can find a way to keep it, you should IMO :wink:


I don’t think so, especially if I have a DN and / or an AR !

Mainly frustrations with it. Not enough lfos for me. I need 2 or 3 per machines. Lfos for MID machines don’t work unless you use a CTR8P that don’t have lfo! Not finished product.
A good example, you can’t send a CC1 with a MID machine. It goes from 0 to 2 directly.

Better results sequenced by OT with a midi processor but that hurts my brain…midi implementation is an hassle. I even use sysex to change machines.



Sounds goes pretty well with the picture :smiley:
Wait for a month, let’s talk about it in June : I’ll bring all the machines and you’ll be able to test them :slight_smile:


Was just thinking the same thing…


:slight_smile: will you?
I’m already sure about AR, I’ll test DN…


I’ve got doubts since more the beginning, 15 months ago!


Hmm, I sold 2 MD and kind of regret both times, but I guess it was right thing to do and perhaps my fondness for it is based around a few of its killer features, but not enough to outweigh its shortcomings in my setup - I still think it has far better BD than AR by far.


Far enough. :slight_smile: Matter of taste maybe…I like the TRX BD2 only, and I think I can reproduce it with a sine and OT. Or a cowbell? :wink:


Yeah the EFM one was my favourite, mainly with most parameters dialled back (so not much actual FM at all :rofl: ) then using eq and filter to scoop frequencies out. Could get some really solid, satisfying and not too pitch sweepy kicks - the AR kicks I find difficult to make sound nice, I don’t much like the response of the envelopes which control sweep, they also lack precision and finesse I think. But most people seem to love AR kicks so…