Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]


Yes, by ear. I prefer when it sound right to the ear, no matter what the exact frequency is :slight_smile:

And you can actually link [edited] 2 tracks to play them simultaneously, did you know ?

To stay on the topic, may I say that lately I’ve really been falling in love with another part of the MD : the filters !!
They are excellent, IMO. For instance, by retrigging a BD sample and filter it + adding a LFO on filter width, you can go acid pretty quick !

The one thing I’m missing is dedicated mute buttons. I have to do my homework and program my QuNeo for this, it would be so useful.


I was wondering about this! I have a MD Mk1 non-UW if that makes a difference. If you can neighbor trig on the MD like the MnM then I need to experiment with that right away.


P.19 of the manual :slight_smile:

Actually I was wrong : it’s not 3 but 2 sounds that you can link.


Chain two midi tracks is something i used to do alot as well. This feature would be baller with trigless trigs on midi tracks. Seeing in how this is dead (dev and feature wise) the under sentiment for this thought is “oh well” LOL



What I found is that after my trip into modular I thought that I would not be able to get the same type of sounds out of the MD. But a rethink made me realise that I was looking at it all wrong. I should not only think of the MD as trigger sampler (which I was doing by using 909 & 808 samples). I was getting good results from that. But nothing like I was getting from the modular. What I did instead was go back the most basic of machines in the MD. Just like I would do with the modular. Start with noise, or a simple wave. Go back to using the LFO’s to create movement. My modular journey had actually taught me use it like a synth, not just a groovebox. I am getting much more out of it as a result.


Yeah maybe i shoudl just let go of the idea that it can do the bread and butter drumparts and focus on the other aspects its good at.


This is the best path for every gear, IMO.


Love how much gain you can get out of the MD.

Pretty sure the VOL param starts distorting after midi value 63/64, but i have noticed the Distortion param (in most cases) won’t start distorting till midi value 96…
The distortion from VOL param comes on slower once it reaches that point and is much more mellow where the Distortion param is a little later (usually) and then having a quick/strong onset, but providing nice warmth before hand…


yeah so many places for gain! it really depends on what kind of raw signal you start with how it ends up working out, very reactive and interactive system. carefully and subtly managing the gain is extremely crucial for MD to sound warm

hmm, being a bit liberal here but disregarding the source machine itself (which may have it’s own internal gain stages!) I count

  1. amplitude modulator is arguably a gain stage
  2. track EQ
  3. filter base
  4. filter width
  5. filter Q (this will clip like whoa!)
  6. SRR can act as a filter/harmonics exciter and like amplitude modulator it can occasionally be meaningful as a gain stage
  7. DIST
  8. VOL
  9. PAN
  10. FX sends
  11. delay FX
  12. reverb FX
  13. master EQ
  14. master compressor
  15. track level
  16. master level

so many opportunities to make it sound terrible! (or amazing) :joy:


A bit. Make sense. :slight_smile:
Isn’t Track Level before Fx sends?


:sweat_smile: yes it most definitely is! I added track and master level as an afterthought edit as I forgot them the first time

it’s pretty often I am working with MD and I can hear some unwanted clipping or distortion and then it’s time to do some digging, with heavy modulations things get particularly challenging, just like working with a modular synth


Another lover here !
I got my second hand MD mkII à couple of years. I fell in love fast cause diferent engines, easy to get glitchy sounds, and flexibility. A months ago, I bought à DT, at the begining I had à little concern about the posibility the DT replace my MD… but I notice fastly that is not possible ! MD it’s irreplaceable!


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just recently upgraded my mkII to the UW and it’s like a whole new machine… probably my favourite piece of hardware ever. will never give it up


But the question now is, will you ever let it down?

Or even, would you turn around and desert it?

off topic

[doing crossword]

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Wife: gun

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Me: charity; four letters
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lol it took me a minute :joy:


Finally got a MD MKII UW+ after lusting for one for over 3 years.
The absolute pinnacle of Elektron machines. Definitely something special :sparkling_heart:


you are NOT alone. I have both RYTM and MD and I had the MD for 8years now and It is superior.


Me too. I have both but hardly use Rytm, it would be the first one to go.