Allen Strange - Electronic Music REPRINT

There’s a post in the Make Noise user group on Facebook for a kickstarter to reprint this!

‘The repub will include: hard cover, spiral bound soft cover and keyword searchable PDF options with almost all the photos replaced, and some of the graphics redone, with a new introduction, testimonials, and a new cover done by his daughter.’

I’m sure it will be of interest here! I’ll post a link to the KS when it’s active for those not in the MN Group.


I’m not on Facebook. Does anyone know if this project came to completion?

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There’s a thread on ModWiggler that’s been regularly updated. It’s been quiet all of November though. They were redoing some of the illustrations and looking to announce the kickstarter after that.


The Kickstarter is live!


I mean I’m all for this but it’s kinda screwy that if one pays fifty bucks for the hardcover book they’d still have to pay extra to get the pdf too. That’s double dippin’ in my humble opinion.

Finally! Backed ofc since I’ve been wanting to own this for a very long time.

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Done (my first kickstarter actually)

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Just a quick bump/reminder that the kickstarter for this one ends in around 10 hours.

Anyone else having backed?

(A first for me, and definitely not something I normally would do, but have wanted a physical copy of this book for a long time!)

Been a long time since I last backed a kickstarter. I’ve been been following the Modwiggler thread for a long time and kind of had to back this. Even though I’m only going for the PDF. It’s just so satisfying to see this saga reach a happy ending.


Thanks for the reminder! Looking forward to this. Also I indirectly learned about Hydra and now I’m messing with it but it’s making me kinda dizzy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: