All patchbay users unite


I’m running out of channels on my 24 channel mixer and instead of always swapping cables from the back panel, I’m thinking about getting one or two 6,3mm cable patchbays to make the connections more easily available and tinkering around more fun. We are also planning to using my mixer with our band recording, so it would also be convenient for that purpose too.

Patchbays are quite cheap and I guess there aren’t so big differences between models, but moreso I’d appreciate some tips from the experienced patchbay veterans. How to set up channels so that it’s easy to understand the connections and convenient to set up different connections fast? How to deal with effect pedals so that you can route any synths via pedals easily?


There is one feature where many patchbays differs: if they have normalling and which type. It’s quite essential to how you can use them.

To spare me the time to describe it myself, please follow this link:


are you based in london? got one of these i’m not using


Nope, in Finland unfortunately!


Definitely get a label printer too, makes it much easier to remember what is where.
Also use a spreadsheet to plan it all out.

I have 2 48 point patchbays, they are the old classic Neutrik/Rean ones, I have had them for about 20 years now and they still all work perfectly, I’d avoid the ones with switches personally as pin pointing an intermittent crackling connection isn’t fun when you have lots of patch points. Besides if you plan your patchbay properly then you will set up what connections are isolated, split, normalled or half normalled during installation.

Certain things might not need to go to the patchbay, so don’t be tempted to patch them just for the sake of it.

I also recommend either having a shallow rack unit or blanking panel of at least 3u above or below the patchbay if you don’t have easy access to the rear.

I swear by patchbays, they are a hassle to set up and you will need to buy lots of cables, but it makes everything so much better.


Agree with all of the above. Once it’s done you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it years ago!


I’ve just set mine up. I spent a lot of time researching and understanding patchbays and with that knowledge planned out my system.

Great advice using a spreadsheet. That’s what I did. Need to spend some time with it now but first impressions are it’s fantastic and a useful cheap bit of kit.


Lots of patchbay questions, answers, and tips are already available: