Akai MPC Keys 61


Source: https://www.synthanatomy.com/2022/04/akai-mpc-key-61-leak-first-photo-of-the-new-keyboard-groovebox-sampler.html?fbclid=IwAR3nTPrTwgnt-5HRpJ5caEkksPes0JgU46dyZVxpbx-9stvxIOwYy9IzTTI


This image is said to come from an FCC paperwork filing and gives some indication of an over-all layout.

I’ll be looking for this at SuperBooth in early May.


Almost as big as this!


so it’s finally come to fruition, swear this one’s been floating around for a while. Would love to see the size of the full unit. Wont be buying but will be cool to see what comes of it. Monster size, hopefully this draws 3.0 closer

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Slowly but surely we will arrive here once again:


Call me crazy but I would love a 25 keys MPC Live kind of device!


I always wanted a modern keyboard sampler, when did the last real sampler see the light of day??

Roland S-50? DSS-1? Can’t think of anything else right now…

Unfortunately I don’t really get along with the MPC workflow although it offers so much incl. Autosample.

Will it have speakers?? :crazy_face:

And still using the same old architecture?

I will follow the news…

Probably the ASR 10 would have been the last full size keyboard sampler that wasn’t also a rompler workstation. That’s the most recent one that I can think of. I know E-Mu had a keyboard version of their EIV samplers from about the same time period.


technically, Korg’s Microsampler I guess. but yeah, long overdue (imo) for the format to be rebooted for modern specs

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We can only hope :smiley:

Anyone heard anything more about this? I really want an mpc but don’t have the room for one on my desk… but if I could replace my keyboard and get an mpc wow that would be great!


If they manage to bring the disk streaming this thing will be perfect !

(found this on Akai MPC from Social Media)


Looks like it’s missing speakers and built in battery so I can take it on the train with me.


Rumor is $2500 USD. I say this gets announced pretty soon

Shit man…think I’ll be looking at the ASR-10

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That’s a fortune unless it contains updated internals. I don’t see the logic in that price.

Double the MPC Live Price, nearly. It doesn’t have the X’s controls. I just don’t see the value unless it’s twice as powerful with at least 8 gigs of ram.

The $1899 rumor made a lot more sense.

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Looks like it could be great for certain users, though yeah, that’s pricey. I’m happy enough with a Live 2 with a KeyStep 37 plugged in. This release is a good sign for existing machines and MPC OS to continue to be supported.

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Maybe they’ll be and update to the internal synths or a new one as good as hype to make it more of a stand-alone synthesizer groovebox, but definitely should of had the forces 8 macros or more

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