AKAI Force


If the Force’s release makes the Akai MPC Live drop 40% in price. I might snap 1 day.


You can record automation just fine on the mpcs, it’s a blown out of proportion subject. You can’t edit the automation quite as easily.


Yup! That one was one of the key points about the unit in the main overview. You should check out the akai youtube page if you’re interested.

I’m still trying to figure out if you can create a full track on it, or if it’s just steps and loops though.


Elektron computer integration : Overbridge + elektron transfer.

Akai’s implementation of computer integration :

  • direct import export in the MPC VST
  • Ableton link.
  • ALS support

Good stuff guys! Bravo! :muscle: :+1:

Promote a different approach without being arrogant by pretending to be self sufficient (Apple do you hear me :roll_eyes:)

Accept the reality of the musician in 2019 and turn it into a great strength!

These computer integrations must be a hard effort and PITA for primary hardware companies.
But very pragmatic, modern, and sign of great maturity !


I wonder why, implementing a beziercurve pencil shouldnt be so hard.


I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again:

If you don’t already love using MPCs, the MPC live might not be a good fit. They Have a specific workflow to them which some people love and others hate.


Is the Akai Force limited to 4 bar patterns like Pioneer Toraiz SP-16?


Why would you think that?


i think the limit will be the same as the mpc live/x, which is 999 bars


Still a bit confused by the UI. You can launch clips with the buttons, which are displayed on the touch screen, where you can launch the same clips. :thinking:


This is because you can set the mode for the pads separately from what’s on the display. This way you can also play beats or a synth on the pads while at the same time triggering clips on other tracks from the display.


Interesting how this presenter keeps saying how easy it is to build your own stuff but ends up mostly showing clip launching of stems and projects from pre-made preset packs.


But it seems like creating a clip is done on the touch screen while arming it or recording is done on the pads?


I assume you can do both, but I honestly don’t know. This presenter doesn’t do a good job demonstrating workflow IMHO.


Which could be because the firmware is still pretty much in alpha/beta state?


Sure, just trying to understand what’s the new workflow like, what it can do, etc. With the Live I always try to avoid not to accidentally touch the screen when playing live :confused:


No Akai Dan video? :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Because of the huge backlash on GS saying no Arranger mode (similar to MPC Song Mode) on Force.
I want to buy this but it must have more than 4 bars ------the four limit has killed the Pioneers , only Electron_ have managed to get away with that


I’ve read somewhere that there’s going to be an arranger mode in the final version. They’re working on it.


Well, I guess building a whole project during a Namm presentation is a bit too much asked. :slight_smile: It also depends if the presenter has the capabilities.