AKAI Force


we don’t know yet, what it’s gonna be.
in old mpc’s - there were sequences with patterns of midi notes. and you could made several sequences and then make an order of them in song mode.


and this sequence order could then be converted into a new, long composite sequence. But automation is a PITA right now because automation editing can only be done via the event editor… and its just lines of MIDI commands in a long, long list :zonked:


Export to .ALS makes me think you can’t record a whole song with it. Is that correct, or am I completely off here?


:cold_face: brrr


“look akai, let me show you how we used to draw automation in 1989 on a 640x480 monochrome screen…”

“Now please can you add this to your hi-res touch screen ? Thanks.”


Major flashback…
Schmoo the man cracked mine


This and an akai sampler… it was all I needed to crank out tunes back in the days. No internet, no distraction… just pure focus on the music for hours… that made up for the shitty sampler screen and unreliable zip drives.


Yeah with you there s950 and a shoebox full of diskettes


Damn floppies ! I can’t say I miss them either.


Sometimes I miss having an ST. The heady scent of melting plastic… An MPC1000 with JJOS comes close.


Mike Hunter version 1.0 crack??? :smirk:


Mine was version 2.0, cracked by MCA. I can’t blame the young me, but now I no more use cracks.


Used to work in a music shop on London’s Charing X Road in the early 90’s. Bought/sold hundreds of Atari ST’s, nearly every single one sold was supplied with a MCA “copy” of Cubase v2. Many of those musicians went on to buy legit copies of Cubase.

Working at that shop also enabled me to cherry pick the best Atari hardware of the time: MEGA STE, SM125, 4MB RAM, 80MB external HDD (size of a small suitcase) MIDIx+/expansion and a legit copy of Cubase.


falcon ? :sunglasses:


wait. Als support!
upcomming? for real? wow!

2nd thought EDIT : cross Platform support, not sure i would rely on it.
each time ableton farts, akai will have to update?


Falcon was still a bit too expensive (at the time).

Changed jobs (moved to Nottingham and worked at Millennium Music) and switched over to PC (once I’d seen Sound Forge/Acid).


Amazing ! Just like the electribe 2 !



Ah ok. does it works fine on the electribe?


Yes it does. Your patterns are exported as projects, each E2 track being a clip.


I remember you as an mpc live user, didnt it work out for you?

Parameter lock isnt possible with MPC live? Then its somewhat uninteresting device.