AKAI Force


I don’t really understand… do you forget the possibility to program multiple 4 bars patterns variations ?
Just see your arranger as vertical and not horizontal … it’s the same than copy-paste multiple same (or within variations) 4 bars as horizontal :slight_smile:

Anyway you can make more longer pattern on the Force you are not limited as 4 bars :wink:
Each clip will loop based on its own length


I don’t get the whole problem with the no song mode on the Force when Akai already said that there will be an arranger mode (not at launch) and it will be added to the Live/X as well, which will keep song mode as a legacy feature.


I dont know if it was posted before, but this Force - Ableton integration is amazing!
he says that you can control ableton devices directly on force!


Do you own any Akai devices? They are HORRIBLE at keeping their promises and if they do, it often takes much too long till the come around.


I have a Live and since it released they consistently delivered updates, including standalone synths and now additional effects. I owed an MPC 5K and it felt unfinished, but the current Akai seems to be really on the ball.
Frankly, nobody really expected standalone synths on an MPC…


Even on elektrons the four bar limit drives me mad


I have an MPC Live - Akai has been excellent with updates.


Who said anything about a 4 bar limit? There is absolutely not a 4 bar limit.


Yeah, not at all anymore.
The only saving grace of the 1000 and 2500 was jjos.
But now the new Akai support has been flawless.


Why would I want to control Ableton with that instead of Push 2? Am I missing something?


well, standalone thing? do you guys even play dawless jams here? ))


Because it’s standalone and Push 2 isn’t. You buy it for the Standalone-Ableton and get the added benefit of being able to also control Ableton.


Dawless jams…wow


is this a Linux port of Live Lite 10 Akai have licensed for the Force (Standalone) ? Seems to me the only possible way Akai can get this nailed perfectly


Does Force have warp marker functionality? That’d be the only standout feature for me to consider copping this. Can’t think of any other hardware that does?


no warp markers

and the force will not be running ableton, and I doubt it ever will… Akai is making MPC 3.0 to compete in the session clips / arrange DAW (ableton, bitwig) market. The force is a sign of things to come in MPC 3, they are combining the “classic MPC workflow” with the ableton clip paradigms


But they said realtime time stretch, this doesnt hint those markers? I think maybe its not perfect for micro editing everything… but from a live perspective its very promising if it runs stable without glitching the audio, purely as sequencer it might be very awesome, compared to deluge or pyramid a bit more intuitive.


So use two DAWs at same time? Something still doesn’t make sense.


No. They took the core engine of the MPC software and added a clip based workflow on top of it.


No warp markers yet. They said it was coming.