AKAI Force


It’s the only thing I can use for live shows. Otherwise I’d let it go without a problem :slight_smile:


Sorry if it has already been asked.

When it comes to Some musical genres or when I am working with my band mates i prefer linear sequencing, than pattern and song mode paradigm.

Is it doable with the mpc force or live/X?
Is it handy to record a singer directly aligned to a linear sequence?
Would you recommend the MPC for that duty?

Thaanks! :grinning:


MPC will be fine, laptop would be significantly better. you can do recording vocals but id prefer logic for vocal takes 10/10 times


Yep thanks! I do use Ableton for linear duties at my home Studio. I must say it is works great for me.
I would like to try a stand-alone solution sometime though!

Do you consider daw better regarding event editing in the sequence and arranging, or general audio recording/editing/processing?
I already own a computer, so I like the idea to have a sketch pad and be able to finish my tracks on my computer


computer is indeed much better in terms of editing stuff. it’s still a bit clumsy on mpc, also no automation lanes yet (but i guess, they’re coming).
mpc is awesome in its own stuff - making sequences with pads/note repeat. it’s a special thing, and music you make that way, sounds a bit different, than usual daw stuff.
and the fact that you can take it anytime and play liveset with it, and even without power supply - worth a lot )

also i really love it’s combination with computer - you can make something in standalone, then open this project on pc, and it’s sounds the same. i edit my live stuff on pc sometime, opening it in ableton via mpc vst, works fine.


Aaarg. bummer for me now, will check the updates. thanks!

If there is no automation, how is the note repeat function implemented regarding aftertouch?
Are you still able to assign aftertouch to velocity of the reps and record it on the sequencer?


the one thing that made me sold my live.


no, you CAN automate things, you just can’t edit them easily on standalone - there’s list edit for that, usable but not so much.
yeah, you definitely can record velocity of note repeats


got it, thanks!


One of my band mates is a bass player. lets say I want to record a bassline.
Do I have to sample, trim edit, assign and re-sequence or is it possible to directly allign audio takes with midi tracks like in a DAW?

sorry for the noobiness of this question :stuck_out_tongue:


You can’t really use this… better use the mpc software in this case ! which kind of defeats the whole standalone concept though.


yeah, you can, via looper. and to save this, and to make something with these audio takes - you can prepare empty program, set trigs on a1 pad each bar, for example. and then when you got your audio take going with a loooper - assign it to a1, while muting looper. a bit tricky, but it works.
that way you can have multiple loops going


Agree… I’ll wait for the updates!


if you check the force videos, they are showing clip recording buttons… So I’m guessing the force will have a clip recorder for MIDI and audio, like ableton.

Of course you can also use the looper to catch clips like on the MPCs… but clip recording will be even faster and more streamlined process. Its actually why I’m contemplating on getting a force after a year or two of OS upgrades… unless the MPC live will get all the same features like clip recording, clip matrix and the upcoming arrangement mode.


I’m gonna give the force a try. Put an order in.


yeah, you right! i missed that totally. would be awesome to have it on live, of course. then again, would be more awesome to have delay compensation for audio ins


nice, looks like some compressor fun is incoming )
"we have a new effect called “motherducker”. the way it works is you put a “motherducker input” on a send on your kick track, or on an individual pad or wherever you can put an effect. then, you put the mother ducker compressor onto the track you want to sidechain. The motherducker has 8 busses, so for instance, you can have buss 1 be the kick, buss 2 be vocals, or if you’re doing live talkover or whatever (in that case put it on the sampler’s effect chain). So it’s side-chaining, but the mixer itself doesnt provide the signal, it required a motherducker input on the source channel. "




I’d love to afford it but at the moment I’ll have to stick to the MPC Live.
I don’t mind that the Force won’t have the MPC software, I don’t use it anyway, but Akai said it will be able to control Live in future update, so you can still have all your fancy plugins and just sample them as clips, kind of neat.


Some more newbie questions…
What are the creative strategies to flatten a song in the mpc paradigm?

My understanding is that the arrangement mode is, or will be a sort of pattern or clip sequencer.

Does performance data have to be recorded inside the clips or pattern/sequences before arranging,
Or is it possible to record an arrangement including “performance” data, ie continuously automating on CCs, mutes, solo, tempo, and so long…?

Sorry if i am a bit imprecise
Mpc newbie + dubious English : :grimacing: