AKAI Force


While I don’t enjoy this sort of “review” (and its tonality) much, I must admit that I agree with his analysis/opinions on the Force.



just saw the presentation on Sweetwater and i finally figured what seems disgusting in all this thing about Force to me. not the fact that they’ve literally copied Ableton workflow, there might be things going on behind the curtain, but the fact that they act like they invented it by themselves and that they claim it’s revolutionary.


this was good to show some workflow, exporting to ableton, linking 2 mpc units together, the mpc expansion compatibility and a quick size comparison.


let’s everybody just chill on this thread


I’m not liking this at all. I wish the put more work onto their MPC Live or made something similar rather than just doing another Ableton knock off. I mean they do bring something new to the table, something Ableton should have done maybe…

I just feel using Ableton with a controller is going to be waay smoother than this thing. Ableton is just too huge of a beast!

Still, I’m sure we ll be surprised by what musicians make of it.


they already put a lot of work to mpc live/x and by doing ‘force’ thing, they also adding all this stuff (well, almost) to live/x, so we all win in the end.
i dunno what there’s not to like - a lot of people were not happy with current effects, so there’s gonna be air one. and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. let’s wait for full announcement


Is the screen angle adjustable? In the videos it looked quiete unergonomic.


i think, no, it’s not. i feel ok with this on mpc live.
also it’s a bit like using ipad.


As much as I love a tilt screen literally everything in my studio is on angled stands because nothing has one, I definitely survive fine


Sure, but with the MPC X it looked a bit more usable in my opinion. The question is also how the hardware is different between both models. I.e. CPU comparison would be cool, there is nothing known today?

Is audio streaming supported then ? Has this feature been done on the MPC software?


cpu comparison is yet to see, but i bet, they’re the same.

from dan@gs:
-Does Force everything Live has?

-no, because of the core workflow differences.

For instance, there’s no song mode. instead what will happen is we’re going to build a proper arrangement view, which will then be for both MPC and Force. MPC will keep song mode as well, for backwards compatibility.

Also, MPC has controller mode, force doesnt. Force rather will be a controller for ableton which will work as a remote, but wont have to be put into a controller mode, as there’s no VST component like MPC has.

MPC chops samples directly on the pads, force uses the screen, because unlike MPC, force’s pads and screens are completely independent, so you can pick what modes you want each component to be in, and they work together. MPC uses the pads as interraction inputs for lazy chop, etc.

those are the major differences I can think of right now."




But it looks so underwhelming. I don’t think I’ll be picking this up.


Without streaming from disc - no go.


I’m pretty sure all kinds of new features will be coming to it at some point. But as for when, hard to say… could take two years like with the live & X…


If the pads & live looping are good I’ll buy this as the core of my workflow.


Yeah… owning a Live I’m not really convinced by the build quality and the overall workflow of this. I use the Live but I do hate using it…


If you hate using it, why are you not selling it? Or are you waiting for a specific feature to become available?


Man it looks ugly.


it looks like a hold for the back wheels of an army tank…