Against the Clock Discussion


it is still a great mystery where people pull so much negative energy from. If I don´t like a video I watch another, there are a few billion to pick on

appendix: though I must say that this one was the worst video I saw in the ATC series. Struggling with the quantisation settings for the first five minutes is painful to watch.


The quality of ATC fluctuates a lot and I was not a fan of this one either. I think its ok to criticize these videos as long as you arent being toxic. Artists should know what they are getting in to by agreeing to make something in 10 mins and im sure they are all aware of their own abilities.
If all comments were only positive then there would be no good stuff.


I think she was either flustered being on camera & with a time restraint &/or using gear she’s never used before. Just my observation.

I was excited for this one too when I saw the Microkorg & old drum machine (I want that thing but prices are too high). I was disappointed :expressionless:


What drum machine is that?


Boss DR202


I agree. ATM she’s at 255 likes and 615 dislikes. Brutal. I wonder why she let them post the video knowing (or maybe not) that she didn’t do that well. The problem is that Umfang is also the founder of Discwoman - an organisation that works to get “more representative lineups to dance music” (Resident Advisor). This cringeworthy ATC neither good for her nor for Discwoman. But maybe I’m wrong.

Towards the end of the show, she says something like “you don’t have to use Ableton, you don’t have to use expensive gear” - except that she does use Ableton and has a Moog. Go figure! More music and less preaching is maybe in order next time.


I wanted to see a longer set, I like her dj sessions. She should have been given a different take.i think she was going somewhere with that


What Fin25 said :blush:

It has some nice drums & bass on it, but the prices now are higher than I want to pay for it.


I think you can always get something from these videos if you approach them as a learning resource. Even if you feel the session didn’t go well on the day, there will be something to reflect on.

I listened on a tiny phone speaker so can’t judge the end result! But it was great to get an insight into UMFANG’s approach and philosophy. She talks about only using two sounds, or two instruments, and reflecting now about her recorded material I realise how much she squeezes out of just a few sound sources. It’s got me thinking. I really need to experiment with paring back the number of instruments in a track.


The more i watch these videos the more i dislike Ableton.


I don’t even watch them if there’s a computer visible (and I use Ableton! Lol )

It’s much more interesting to watch what they do and you can’t see that when they’re using a mouse/keyboard.


This is nice:


Actually you can see exactlly what they are doing.


generally I agree, but I love this video

the song is fine, but honestly I find myself watching it over and over cuz I find it so funny


Yeah. It was a bit tough for me to watch, mostly cuz she couldn’t catch the beat on the 202.

I know her from the official Moog DFAM videos which got me stoked to purchase one myself.
Althought the DFAM seems more of sound design opposed to composing/arrangements which the ATC leans more towards , still she seemed coo.
But now that I watched it again im curious if those were all moog presets/paper sheets that they were just fiddling with for advertisement.

Anyways theres the video with her below.


I actually loved this one, gave me great hope for my own abilities!


generally if it’s basically them staring at a DAW the whole time, I skip through it. the Bwana one is an exception. fascinating to watch, has a good flow to it, and I love that track.

the Umfang one… yeah, that’s unfortunate. does not sell me on the DR202, that’s for sure. no idea why she chose a machine that she either doesn’t know well, or struggles with using efficiently. but I will say: hats off to her for starting with nothing when the clock started. so many people are clearly just dialing in patterns/sequences they already had going or had jammed through before, well enough to know them inside-out, and it’s basically just a performance in their studio.


They disabled comments for all ATC videos a while back.


The Mike Dean DFAM video is him messing with presets so maybe.


Yeah, the old “oh here’s a folder that conveniently contains all of the samples I’ll use for this” and then laying down the beat exactly right the first time. It’s nice to see people sticking to the spirit of ATC - Roni Size didn’t get too far in his either. But yeah I think I would probably stick with gear I know inside out :slight_smile: