Against the Clock Discussion


I’m down, it’s just a matter of executing


Sounds like a great challenge. I’d be game!


Theresa May snare drum, Boris Johnson bass drum. :joy:


Really enjoyed this new one. One of the better I’ve heard actually


Nice one indeed. One of the fews.


That was pretty awesome jam.

I wish I was in his posse and could just sit in the corner of the studio, baked af, and just dig him doing his thing.


Yeah the Varg one is hard to beat.


Wow nice one! Cool as he was He hooked up His Phone to get some random noises. I wonder what fx Chain He has behind the Machines. Sounds Like some delay + Frozen reverb stuff with lots of highs filtered/rolling of highs.

OK…they showed it… Ableton Auto Filter plus Valhalla Shimmer. Nice!


too short + 10 minute = Youtube monetary :thinking:
Not more interesting than underground guys posting


Not AC but really nice interview with Varg and his counterpart in the Flora duo.

Currently a working parent with somewhat predictable day to day life, I use to work at this underground art institute in Rotterdam where I was constantly around people like this - deep and inspiring. This video with its atmosphere brought me back to those days.


Loved it, thanks ! Agree it’s one of the best ones. Very nice jam; I don’t care if half the stuff is prepared.


This is amazing…

Even if you don’t like the music, you have to dig his crazy way to get sounds!



Yeah, would love to see that as well. Especially if you have two people collaborating.

I enjoy quite a few of these, interesting to see people’s process. :slight_smile:


OT MKII staring* in this new ATC:



Happy 303 Day, everyone!

In Tin Man’s music, and in this ATC, he uses these long, drawn out acid notes, almost pad-like. How does he do this? I’m not particularly familiar with 303/clones, and I was under the impression that the amp env on the 303 had a really fast decay and no sustain?

Another example of these acid pads is Recondite:


It’s all dependent on the tempo - if you clock it really slow the notes will sustain, slide, etc longer. You can also tie notes together, and keep the voice going and going if you don’t add rests.


There’s also a mod that makes the osc sustain very long.


I wonder how valuable a comment on someone’s art can be though. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much worth reading in the Youtube comments, but then I haven’t seen them all either.


Tell me I’m missing something here because, to me, this looks like someone who has no idea what they’re doing and it sounds awful. Is it just me missing the point of what she’s doing?

Not trying to be a prick but I am aware that I’m succeeding at being one. It’s just that I’m normally impressed by these videos even if I don’t like the music, but this just looks ropey.


I find it funny that they disabled the comments but you can still like or dislike the videos. A more simple way to state your opinion. Not as detailed but still brutal. :slight_smile: