Against the Clock Discussion


I want to go on this and just tweak a kick for 10 minutes and then shrug.


Against The Klack !


This is the machine I learned on and I still have it it’s not that tough to use, pretty straightforward actually. Its a cool little machine with very good versions of trad Roland sounds.


Yea, that’s why it had me thinking that she just didn’t know how to use it very well or was just flustered.

What was odd to me is it seemed like she was having a hard time when pressing the buttons, like she had to push really hard & it didn’t always sound. It seemed like something wasn’t right. Like she couldn’t get it to play in time.


Thank you for sharing the Umfang video. I really enjoyed it, especially the last five minutes or so where she describes how she works and her musical goal.

The results (happy or not) of such timed experiments is secondary to exploring the process itself. And yet some view these things as some sort of real-time competitive performance to be voted on, which I think misses the point.


I can only imagine how flustered I’d be with a camera on me… I remember one time I was selling a guy a synth and extolling the virtues of another synth I had. I was saying this thing gets great bass for cheap, etc… and of course I couldn’t get a decent bass tone out of it. Well, immediately after he left I noticed the switch was on bandpass filter not low pass… and I knew this synth like the back of hand. It happens!


Yes it definitely happens!!
Some of the issues she had with the dr202 didn’t seem like it was her fault. Like she was pressing the buttons, but sound wouldn’t come out, also seemed like there was a delay. Like she would press the button but the sound wasn’t immediate. HHhhmmmm


Yeah you’re definitely right there’s something up with that 202…i would have grabbed that mother/dfam combo tho


Does self generating music count in this youtube challenge? If so you could write a track in 5 minutes :grinning:


too much competetive thinking amongst musicians in general



She didn’t seem too worried about what ended up. At the very least it was more interesting than a lot of other ATCs.

And its not like these particular 10 minutes are the last word on her work.


That presumes her not doing “that well” is the objective truth. Maybe she was perfectly happy with it.

Or maybe she couldnt care less what ATC commentators think.


Also it could just be a reference point for her. Like how well does she perform under pressure. Maybe she’ll listen to her performance later and figure out what she can use later.


I am also confused at why this ATC was posted. Maybe Umfang just didn’t really care at all. Did seem like that drum machine had some buttons that weren’t responding very well. This is my first impression of this artist and it didn’t paint a very good picture (skill-wise), I’ll have to check out the rest of her catalog to really know I suppose.


Im guessing she is primarily a DJ and not really a producer. Or if she is a producer then she just takes a longer time to get a track. There are some producers that can write a nice loop or even a short track in just 10 mins but then there are producers that might take a week but will be equally as good. Not saying one is better than the other but maybe the way she works is the latter.

Anyhow everyone knows the rules of this game is 10 minutes… and I think its fair to judge this specific performance on 10 mins because thats the point. So I feel the artists should know very well what they are agreeing to by doing ATC, im sure participation isnt forced.


you all are so supportive of this latest edition.


( I think ) on an exercise like this one, you have to go very fast if you really want to lay down the foundation of a BEAT. Personally, i would cut the metronome because a metronome is boring and will make a little Latin sequence not robotic, no kick immediately, i would keep my dynamic free. I would try to sound-design on a synth, a bass sound or a lead … and then very quickly I will go to the bass riff or a melody. ( Or work directly on a texture in multi techniques with many sounds/noises/ambience stack on each other )
I will return then a little on the rhythmic to get more of a groove. From there, no more stress and I will try to add layer after layer what comes to mind …

The exercice is sufficiently hard to start with something you know it will take more than 10 minutes. i found that kick, clap, snare, rides; hats is not inspiring… it’s very rare to lay a basic foundation and get inspire to the next. because except for tuning (key) and energy it’s not story telling much. And designing every partials would take too much time…

it’s strange how many people start with beat foundations.

The more you open possibilities when starting, the more inspirations you will get. At any time you can turn the track into something you haven’t predicted from the beginning. If you close all the doors when starting let’s say techno tempo, big kick, reverb tails, dynamic squashed : you know already with what basics you will end. And you will probably be bored before to construct the track. a shame… Better is to not unlock and slave yourself until you feel something to grow… Generally, when you think : ok i will go that way ! it’s a very good sign.

at least that’s how i work.


I thought it was total s*** tbh. Embarrassingly bad.


I think it would be less supportive if all you saw was positive comments and likes.


i don’t understand, i think everyone is being real and criticizing constructively.