Against the Clock Discussion


“Against the Plock”?




Haha that could work too :smile:


I should really watch more of these to get some tips. The only one I’ve sat through and enjoyed wasn’t even an ATC. Four Tet did a 10 minute challenge for some other challenge which was interesting from a sampling perspective.




Nujabes lives on


Enough with the cheap, fast world. Give the artist a day. Edit this to a 40’ video. Now we’re talking quality content.


I usually just check out the techno-oriented ATCs, but this one reminded me how much I like balearic. Much appreciated, dreaming of sunny summer beaches, whilst sitting in snowy winter Oslo, Norway.


Love ATC!!! I always learn something.
Always know there is a really good one when it’s over 10 minutes Hehehe

I’ve got a couple of favorites.
Joe Hertz is soooo good! I love his set up. His use of the Virus is quality. He makes everything look so simple - the sign of a true master.

I love the insight given by Efdemin and his gear is awesome.

Thanks to this thread I found some vids that I haven’t seen before/haven’t fancied watching.


Another ATC but called Beat the Clock that basically changed everything for me was this…

Then after he takes you through his sick studio -

I watch these every six months without fail. Amazing.


there are actually quite a number of videos like that, and they continue to be produced, because that is certainly a good kind of video, but what makes ATC interesting and valuable in a different way from those videos is how we get to see every single action and decision that occurs from moment to moment during the spontaneous creative process. there’s a lot of a value there that the edited video derived from a long session is fundamentally unable to provide, and there is no editor putting their own opinion and spin on things by leaving bits of the process on the cutting room floor that might have been very valuable to someone from a different perspective


Giving a producer a 10’ limit. That is quite a spin.


yes, and that’s exactly the value the series provides - as I said there is plenty of content as you describe, with the editor spin instead of producer spin

(tangentially I would very much like if the ATC sessions were ‘first and only takes’ but I know they are almost always not the first and only take)


I have yet to understand the value in seeing a producer fiddling with his mouse for 10’, but to each his own I guess. I tend to prefer jammin’ ATCs… but then it tells very little about producers who usually don’t produce that way.

I know they are almost always not the first and only take

I didn’t know that. Even worse then…


this one is excellent, I remember watching it quite some time ago - the voiceover narration is a really nice touch, the ATCs where the producer talks through it are some of the very best, but they have never put post-production narration over it afaik


I’m so happy :):smile:


I’m a little bit tempted and also tepid; I’d like to suggest a competition thread for this forum based on this 10 minute format but I don’t know how it will be received.

I hear and see nothing but good things coming from these videos for those who take part and for us listeners. It’s challenging and rewarding.

It could work because;

  • Elektron boxes are some of the greatest boxes ever made for live performances.

  • It would push us into different fields of exploration where there is always so much to learn (things we like, don’t like, happy accidents, production tips from other people)

  • We could have rules like the winner, voted for by the listeners, gets to choose the next genre. Theme of the week/month could be hip-hop, lofi house, ambient… (all of which I’d like to make but never do lol). Having a different genre to create will be great to hone versitality.

These are just a few ideas that are floating around my head. If you guys feel like you want to do it then we could finalize a set of guidelines if needs be.

Is anybody else up for this??



Mr. Hartnoll’s facial expressions when he does something that he likes :hugs: