Against the Clock Discussion


You may not have the right to not be offended, but people should have the right to not be harassed.


And we continue to support YT, which appears to care little for cleaning up after itself, it would seem. It’s all a sad indictment of humanity, IMHO. What are we if free speech is allowed to be overwhelmed by pointlessly offensive and possibly criminal language?

I think I like @Fin25 's idea.

Oh, and Agar Agar appear to keep their studio on a yacht.


That is nice but not so special, for sure you remember that many pirate radio stations -a few decades ago- were also offshore? Ha, funny to think about that today again! BIG smile.


Maybe fact and ATC will set a new precedent. They have held harassers accountable for their actions, which communicates what they did isn’t ok.
Maybe if more people held harassers accountable there wouldn’t be as many.

I agree it is sad. I guess a lot of people don’t feel heard or appreciated and turn to trolling or harassment to feel more in control.

I’ll stop being off topic now and watch some vids. :smirk:


FYI ATC is the knockoff of beat this which started 2 year earlier than ATC.


Ah! That makes sense. I was totally confused cause I was positive i saw that before any atc.


Speak truth to wannabe power.




Yikes! The Steffi one is awesome


Damn, that ATC was gorgeous


Loved Karen Gwyers! She’s legit.


Agreed. The daw / metronome kills it for me. If they start dragging loops into the tracks too, ugh.


I really enjoyed Tim Green’s



I nominate Cenk for ATC! He destroys them all …:wink:


he already did it in nearly every product demo. In less than 5 minutes :slight_smile:


Rhythm Roulette – that’s another great series on YT. Interesting to see what different producers hear in a track, sometimes they skip over licks or loops I’d have built a track around, so it’s very much in the ear/expectation of the producer.


This is a fun idea!!


Who would win in a faceoff Cenk or Kink?


For me Cenk, cause I prefer his style by far :slight_smile:


It could be called “Parameter Clocks” :nerd_face: