Against the Clock Discussion


That would be nice to see; don’t know that I’m up for the task (unless I use Abelton and some loops or Tim Exile’s program ‘Flesh’).:sweat_smile:


Replace “offended” with “the victim of persistent, unwarranted abuse based on their gender or appearance” and it’s not such a ridiculous idea.


Right. So the chosen solution is to eliminate dialog.

Who won that fight exactly?


Not sure I’d call it “dialog”


Agar Agar have their studio on a yacht???


I would also be in. I tried it one time, and I was really surprised how crazy fast 10min pass


Love Luke Abbott. Great artist


I’m pretty sure comments being disabled is the most extreme approach to preventing any dialog whatsoever.

I think my next record label will be called Comments are Disabled for this Video. :thinking:


Absolutely love this. Though I guess it’s really just a performance / improvisation video rather than offering any particularly deep insight into composition or process?

Oh wait, just got to the interview at the end! Ignore me.


Presumably the people not having to deal with loads of abuse?


Can I be on your label?


That’s the main problem with the internet.
If some guy walked into a supermarket and started spouting some of the stuff you see in YT comments he’d be arrested and probably charged with a crime (which is probably a big part of the reason that so few people do this sort of thing).
If some guy (or girl) goes on YT and posts disgusting filth there’s really not much in the way of consequences, so it makes sense that people do it, because without fear of consequences, a lot of people are actually pretty despicable.
FACT are then in a bit of a dilemma; continue fighting the constant stream of filth in the name of dialogue and freedom of speech or close the comments and let the animals go to any one of a billion other places to exercise their freedom to be the worst.
I’m not saying either choice is right, the whole thing is pretty much a shit sandwich. But then that’s the internet isn’t it…


Sure, but I only listen to demos that include at least one track with lyrics cribbed together from YT troll comments.


Back to the question above about why it is that they are being targeted? It’s bizarre to me.

There are a number of platforms that allow users to mute other users, bury comments through down votes, etc. YT needs to get with the times. One starts to question the value of posting material on a platform that is overwhelmed with vile and useless shitposts. That’s hardly a community, I’d say. Are you fixing the problem by eliminating feedback or just broadcasting into a black hole in the first place?


Videos can be embedded and shared just about anywhere else. It is a reliable video host. Its own native social platform is optional.


I agree, the whole thing’s rather odd.
There’s only really one answer I can get down with…


100% agree


As seen by the OP’s decision to start this thread. :wink:


I have to admit I am extremely likely to stop watching the video if the challenger beings with their DAW open and starts with the metronome… or if they being with a 4/4 Kick pattern.
When ever there is some interesting gear, or an interesting looking studio/workspace, I am usually in for watching. Maybe I am biased because I am ‘a hardware guy’…


Steffi has fantastic taste in gear, no?