Against the Clock Discussion


In general, unmoderated comment sections on the web are a thing of the past. The web is still young, the problems big corps created already,… and it’s still beginning. When I retire, I will unplug and leave the net behind.

There are no more ATC’s to share here, the best are posted. Enough said.


didn’t see either of these yet :grin:

this is a newer one I liked quite a bit and found interesting, despite the music not to my tastes really

and MJ Cole is a master!


Seriously- I miss the days before I was dragged onto social media, life felt more real- also when I lived at places that didn’t have internet connections

Edit: or a smart phone. Good ol Amish days


MJ Cole was a good one! ZIV not my tea … but … could be a not my tea moment.


Tin Man’s is pretty fantastic — YouTube needs more live Tin Man vids


I find the idea that one has the right to not be offended just about as ridiculous as those people going out of their way to intentionally offend or harm.


FACT’s comment sections have always been toxic, way more so than their competitors for reasons I can’t quite fathom. From what I know, dealing with comments was a fairly substantial drain on their resources, and as a reader I found comments rarely if ever offered anything of value (and often cast an extremely poor light on FACT as a brand). Getting rid of them, whether on youtube or on the site itself, makes plenty of sense from both a business and editorial perspective.

I’ve always struggled a bit with ATC as a concept - I like seeing inside other people’s studios, but the fact they normally lack much explanation makes them underwhelming as tutorials, and the time restrictions mean they generally end up not being super-interesting musically, for me at least. They sit in this weird space where the presence of the camera means it becomes a sort of performance rather than seeing someone’s usual studio practice (I remember Objekt saying on Twitter that his Against The Clock would just be him tweaking kick drum parameters for 10 minutes), but without it ever really becoming engaging as a performance either.

I much prefer stuff where there’s a bit of discussion about what’s going on, though I guess not every producer is as engaging or distinctive as Legowelt:



this is my favorite Against the Clock with King… ah, sorry - KiNK :wink: (with comments)


Mj Cole particularly struck me as being very much frozen in time when garage was a thing. Although a great musician, he hasn’t really moved an inch forward from his sound. I found that very underwhelming.

A recent favourite:

Also Steffi, and the last one with AraabMusic - really dope beat.

Most of the ATC tracks/jams are mediocre IMO. Seen much better stuff on synth groups and forums as this one.


Just watched the araabmusic one. Bloody hell that guy is an advert for the MPC.


He is an MPC. They became one. :mage:




I don’t know if it has been suggested - but it could be a fun idea to have a thread with Elektronaut’s approach to this concept, trying to make a track in 10 minutes :nerd_face:
who’s up for it?


The tracks I make in a month are bad enough


Matthew Johnson for me… really like his music and I discovered I like his music by listening him live on the French Festival in low Britany in France called “Astropolis” the last real Rave here… (to me)

But it’s neither what I play as a dj or music style close to what I make as a musician. Just something really different… I lost myself and take pleasure in the travel he offered me.

Here :
The sound is pretty BAD but it’s a real mixing guy live with a Machinedrum and all kind of stuff… (SH101 pretty sure of that and other tiny things maybe a mopho or a tetra) and he play I think more than 3 hours … kind of crazy live performance in fact (before him it was Paul Kalkbrenner with his Berlin Calling around the release of the movie so 8 years ago - the movie is 2008 but who knows how many years he’s touring with that hahaha) and Paul stay all the Matthew Johnson Performance and seem to really appreciate the moment We see him just close to Matthew with his hoodie/jacket


I would probably participate in that.


Wow, … you make tracks.


Yeah, in the same way that most people make stools.
Anyway, I digress.
I’m getting a bit of recording gear for Xmas so would be more able to do a decent video with proper sound and everything so I might be up for joining in in the new year, if not just for comedy value.


I’m down.
I do it all the time already, sometimes rhythm roulette style.
I don’t time myself, but it’s a good way to get motivated or even to just jam out. I either start with a random record or I’ll use sounds I’ve made in a sound design session… I pull up my fav drums I already made, turn my synths on & I go to town. I’ll pump out like 2 - 5 microwaves, just jamming out, going by feel. If I REALLY get into something I’m making, that’s when I slow down a bit & focus on that specific track. Make it into something more than just a jam.

I’d say my favorite ATC is FJAAK - It’s one I’ve watched several times. There are a ton of good ones tho.

Another good show is “The Crate” (Makes a Beat on The Spot) - The producer gets a crate full of random objects & they have to make a track using sounds from the objects.