Against the Clock Discussion


My fave ATC:

Truly from scratch and gets most of the track fleshed out. So groovy considering a 606 has no swing.


Youtube comments ≠ a community. They can be very funny sometimes though.

The only time I’ve ever felt like there was something social or constructive going on in the comments is either when it’s archive footage and the original creator/artist turns up and answers questions, or on 90s hardcore/jungle tunes where grown up ravers have searched for an old tune they loved and end up reminiscing together.


I was surprised to not see this yet:

when I realized it wasn’t ATC but some knockoff? What?

Anyway. Good stuff.

And then this:

I pray to god they do more experimental stuff like this.


I’d really like to see one where someone spends the first eight minutes making a cup of tea and tidying their desk, before browsing some kick drum samples for two minutes and then realising their time is up.


Kiefer’s is great and a fresh take on ATC. If you liked that one check out MNDSGN’s


That Novo Line video has been one of my favourites for a long time.


Let’s hope this topic does not bring the YT trolls here


i remember some really good ATC episode where the artist uses a monomachine to do an acid line, but haven’t been able to remember the name or find it again, probably from some years back, if anyone remembers




yea! Thanks


Thankfully there aren’t many 9 year olds with daddy issues on this forum.



Mommy. Definitely mommy.


1000x yes

Stopping the propagation and normalization of sexist harassment is bigger than a “logical” business decision.


Hey!..leave me out of it!


Nothing prevents these people from sharing their raw impressions on their own website. Or you from sharing your YouTube videos on your own website and then marvel at all of the people linking to you as they thoughtfully discuss it.

There’s a big wide open web out there to be explored, but we’ve become overly dependent if not enfeebled by second guessing what the algorithm wants from us rather than what we truly want from each other.


yes, and that’s why I created my own subreddit for it! :joy:

but then one is in the position of spending time and effort creating value for Against the Clock, an entity that has already subtly rebuffed community contributions


Hmm. Pretty sure the intention was to stop nasty people from hurting the artists. I certainly don’t associate myself with the trolls, and I therefore don’t feel at all rebuffed.

Trolls are the focus, not the rest of the community. We should not forget that.

Disabling comments is not “subtly rebuffing” anything. It’s quite a firm statement, in my eyes. Especially if it is, as you suggest, a poor business decision.


I would feel less salty about it if it was simply they disabled comments on new ATC, but they retroactively disabled comments on all of them, and I feel bad for all the people that spent time to say something valuable who basically got thrown in the trash along with the negativity. I wasn’t personally affected per se, I think I maybe left one or two comments on all ATC videos I ever watched, but gives me a bad taste in my mouth


I think I see where you’re coming from, but like, if the alternative is to go through the entire history and selectively and retroactively delete troll posts… I’m not surprised they took this path. Lots of other channels have done the same thing (see: Anita Sarkeesian, et al)

The trollish manosphere is the problem. Not FACT, and not ATC, and not the majority of the community.