Against the Clock Discussion


The Agar Agar one is a heater.


I reckon that’d get close to impossible very quickly. Especially once the manosphere trolls get wind of the situation :slight_smile:

I fully support the decision to disable comments for the reasons in my previous post; I applaud it even more strongly if indeed it has lead to reduced views. Humans are more important than YouTube channels.


Some love for Masayoshi?


which is why I want comments! to experience the community and not just simply watch a video! isn’t this why this thread got made?!?! and here we are, talking!! :smiley:

it’s rather tangential that it also happens to be the most rational business decision, but that just serves to make it even more puzzling in my view


Did you miss the part about the rampant misogyny and sexual harassment? :slight_smile:

I’m glad we can discuss it here. There’s far less risk of the conversation devolving, because this forum is extremely well moderated, and posted to by very lovely humans :smiley:


anything worth doing comes with a price! There are much, much bigger channels with far less resources that haven’t disabled comments and moderate them. I think FACT has failed their community in this respect


I agree with this. Especially when it comes to *The Internet*, which everyone agrees has the capability of being quite vicious with/without reason. I think there is the potential for being rewarded by letting potential viciousness not get to you- possibly in a very direct manner.

Sacrificing views to not allow negative elements from the internet impedes on the marketing-motive of DOING these videos.

There’s that expression “laughing all the way to the bank” that I think would apply in these instances. There have actually been people that have been able to translate ridicule into success.

Granted, I haven’t seen any of the comments that led to disabled comments- but, theoretically , I agree it was a bad move


the Novo Line one in particular is notable for his description of his setup and techniques after his jam, his approach is beautifully bizarre and idiosyncratic

I feel it straddles the line between ‘jam’ and ‘making a track’ a bit better than many of the more ‘hardware jam’-oriented ones - bintus does this nicely for my sensibilities as well

the ones that are very much ‘live jam in the studio’ really don’t appeal to me for this format, does not feel as ‘risky’ or ‘exciting’ - although many are nice jams to be sure


This could be applied to other side of the coin: lose the business of the worst of humanity in order to keep it strictly about the merits of the performer / video / music.

The exact opposite of FB, who allow the trolls to feast in order to drive the ad machine.


the relevance of a work of art is primarily the cultural impact that it has, and this is always fundamentally and intrinsically tied to a larger communal context and is never ‘just about the work’

for example there are a lot of people that love to rhapsodize about the beauty of the Mona Lisa - but arguably a big reason it even became famous and talked about in the first place is because a guy stole it


I suppose the core argument here from @defenestration is not that the trolls should be accepted, but that the comments should be moderated.

I do think that would be preferable. I also know how difficult that would be, and I really can appreciate why they were simply disabled.

Maybe they’ll come back with moderation one day!


And to be clear: I strongly believe that no comments is better than unmoderated comments. (At least in the ATC context :D)


Another reason to disable comments for these videos might be that maybe there’s no good reason to have them in the first place.

There are very few ATC videos I haven’t enjoyed and I’ve learned at least something from all I’ve watched so far. I am thankful for these artists allowing us a little glimpse of how they make music.

I can’t really see enabling comments adding much of value; the format seems intentionally constrained and having no comments seems to make sense in that context.


I found it hugely valuable on a wide variety of levels to see peoples’ raw impressions of different creative workflows - and to see how it compared to my own impressions


Definitely. But if the community voices gaining the most exposure are desparaging, how does that speak for the community?

I’m sure they discussed moderation but probably found it untenable. Disabling was probably the next option.


This is one of my favorites, even if it is more of a jam than anything else.


that’s a great one just to see how those guys gel together if nothing else!


To be fair, I think it just says that on YouTube, the misogynist trolls are very loud and particularly chatty.


Oh for sure. But that’s one of the biggest issues the community of social media is struggling with.


This is by far my favorite against the clock.