Against the Clock Discussion


In fairness after I wrote that I thought the same which sort of lessens my point :slight_smile:


haha :smile: :+1:t3: :duck:


Umfang music is bad even when not in ATC. But yes, terrible one. It’s like there’s no editor in these medias. Quality control anyone ?


The thing about booking a duck is they will always want top bill ing


Sore spot? Were you bumped down a lineup once for a duck?


Nah, just my previous doctor.
Tried using crystals n stuff for my asthma.

A real quack.


To be honest, sometimes I’ve got the feeling that women in the DJ business are more experimental and enthusiastic than the male…

but this could be a mistake from my observations and a reflection of my musical preference

Anyway, why they produced this ATC series is a complete mystery to me…
Is it supposed to show what’s possible in 10 minutes?


OK. My last post was flagged as being off topic. It was my intention to call out what I consider to be double standards. It seems that I can rest my case.

Anyway, swiftly getting back on topic before I get flagged again.

Here are a couple of my favourite ATCs from the past 12 months. I’ve not seen them mentioned on this thread:


That Emma Jean Thackray one is the shit.


The Emma Jean Thackray video is really great. She has tons of talent. It also appears that she doesn’t have corporate backing by Reebok, Barclays or Ford, etc. Funny thing that.


The world will always be a very tough place for those with such thin skin. Artists might want to investigate changing their mental point of view to shrug off the critics than to want to silence everyone.


Can they get Ellen Alien on there at some point! She’s dope


yea I wouldn’t say a “mistake” but like you said, our experiences & music preferences will make us view things differently.

Someone stated above that women producers get a lot of hate & I can see that. But yea, it all depends on what you have experienced. What you have seen… heard… & yes our music preference. Hip hop to trap to country to EDM ect ect all generally have a different type of audience & performers.

I love ATC & I love Rhythm Roulette (to get back on topic). I do admit for ATC I would love to see a lot more producers that are actually good at making music fairly quick… or jam like ATC’s (there were a few of those, where for 10 minutes they just jammed out live). Those have been my favorite & keep my attention the most. Not watching someone spend 5 minutes picking out a snare for example.


:joy: well, artists at work, the scientific approach

I was more critical about the format itself… do people really need pressure to expand their vision of a musical idea?


It was a reference to the intrepid undercover reporter at the start of this hard-hitting documentary on drugs…


haha yes artists at work! & hey every once in a while I spend a lot more time than that picking out a snare, it’s just not a lot of fun to watch someone else do it.

When you say the format do you mean the 10 minute limit? If so, I get that, I find it more interesting watching a producer actually put time into a track & make something they’re proud of. A lot of the producers on ATC barely have a full 4 bar drum loop done by the end of the 10 minutes… or nothing but a drone. It would be cool if most of the ATC’s featured artists that can actually pump a track out fast.

I think the 10 minute limit is great for practice tho… to just feel, not think & to teach you to make quick decisions without thinking too much.

I would love to watch ATC with a 20 minute limit… still not a lot of time, but gives the producer at least a little time to get into it & get things going so they actually accomplish something at the end of the time limit.


There was one in a pawn shop I took for a spin, can relate.




Glad there’s a separate thread and it is a thing now. There are some great entries.
I intend on being an positively charged participant!



I have some feelings and memories with that DR202 machine… would not mind picking it up again and get it sequenced by an elektron unit :smiley:


It’s so crunchy that thing. What is it about old gear man? Just so… Luuuuush