Against the Clock Discussion


I’m a female & stated I didn’t care for Umfangs too much. Honestly I feel like people expect LESS from women, so if a woman produces something even halfway decent I would see it getting more praise than criticism. I also think people generally think women are more sensitive & maybe don’t want to hurt feelings.

I’m speaking generally, I know everyone doesn’t feel that way. It just SEEMS that way from my experience. I do a lot of male dominant activities & when I am just as good as the boys or even better than the boys people think of it as a big deal. Like it’s impressive because I am a female.


Feels like a no win, sometimes.


I didn’t feel compelled to post criticism, negative or otherwise. I merely asked if it was just me that thought it was shit, mostly out of curiosity. My curiosity has been rewarded with a lively debate about art criticism and some education about old boss drum machines.

It feels to me like you’re trying to shoehorn a bit of identity politics in here where it doesn’t belong. That sort of thing belongs in the YouTube comments debated earlier in this very same thread.


I dont see how gender matters in music making. Hell some of the best electronic producers who ever lived were trans.

I really wish we could get past the point where everything is filtered through the lens of gender oppression or whatever. That applies to the people who cant help but be sexist as well as to the people who think its everyone else thats sexist (couldnt possibly be them, no way)

Women and men are both equally capable of producing shit music. Its not because of their gender

Btw: i am officially giving my consent for anyone to call my music shit. I welcome it in fact. So you dont need to ask me beforehand. Youre welcome


I was more sad about seeing that Boss groove box working. I miss mine, got it out of storage last month and the screen has gone sadly . Was a fun little box with the acid bass line to jam with , had some cool presets in it.

I don’t think it was as a bad as many are going on about and she seems a nice person . No bad publicity etc as it made me check out her work and have DL’d some of her tunes now


If you’re male and the music sucks, it sucks.
If you’re female and the music sucks, it sucks.
If you identify as X gender and the music sucks, it sucks.

The workaholics guy that was stoned and dancing around his studio having fun, in my eyes was equally suck.

Let’s not make this a gender thing, it’s clearly not.

And remember when I say the music sucks, it’s just my opinion. You can also think my opinion sucks, my music sucks, my YouTube page sucks, or my attitude sucks. Don’t worry I won’t get upset or feel unsafe because of it.


All else fair but this is unnecessarily, inappropriately snarky.


I’m not quite sure why though? Maybe I’m missing some nuances in tone here.


I conceded above that it would be hypocritical of me to criticize that you want to go negative on people unsolicited AS LONG AS that negativity didnt contribute to making anyone feel unsafe

Eg hate speech. What had been unspoken in the convo until a few posts ago was the controversy surrounding ATC comments being shut down due to rampant misogyny and sexism. Which is what i was referring to; not aesthetic criticism.

Edit: to be clear I took up issue after the most recent couple of videos and their subsequent criticisms were posted. I havent seen any evidence of anyone being sexist / misogynistic.


What if aesthetic criticism makes people FEEL unsafe, will that soon be considered hate speech? This is a road that should be carefully tread, but I don’t believe in policing speech, even hate speech. ATC can do whatever with their channel, but I’m not a fan of that type of censorship. The price of living in a free society.


Ah I see, well thanks for elaborating. All these posts are a bit too much to follow for the occasional forum visit. So much tension in here.


ThIs is just such a problematic position. Considering how much hate crime has been reignited in the 21st century due to unmoderated social media; considering all the bad ends history has had from it. I think that’s an extremely dangerous position.

Idk man. I guess well address it when it happens. I really dont see that happening.


True but i don’t see how that even comes close to having some criticism towards someone’s performance… This is taking it a notch too far to be frank and way off topic.


With respect to all parties, can this topic get back on…topic?

Discussion of censorship could get out of hand very quickly. Perhaps a private discussion via PMs.


Youre all right. I just wanted to address someone making light of hate speech when as you say very different things. Carry on.


Ok, changed my mind, I love the Umfang video, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Can we all move on now please, if only to spare the mods a long evening.


Back on topic. I’ll refrain from my political stances here.


They were right to shut down comments
Music industry has many issues around sexism and an imbalance of genders
Internet is full of trolls hating on women DJs and producers solely because they are female

These are facts

Not here though, this is just a ten minute crappy video. Could be a duck sitting there

Disclaimer I’ve nothing against ducks


What is patently clear to me in these vids is that some people can improv very well, and others cannot do so to save their life. This perfectly mirrors what I’ve experienced in performing and doing improv with dozens of people over 20 plus years. I’ve seen some great ATC videos and some where the muso sounds like a typical Saturday morning at Guitar Center. It seems that this FACTMag format is better suited for those that can think on their feet.

I look forward to seeing what we come up with here for our very own 10 minute challenge.


Omg i would so watch a duck do something with some kit for 10 minutes. Gets a like from me.