Against the Clock Discussion


Sounds like a episode of Black Mirror or something.


which is also sh1te :joy:

[tho I’m a big Brooker fan otherwise]


I like to think of a world in which people are left to do their thing with others of the same disposition without having to worry about unsolicited comments from the peanut gallery.

Unless of course not if that thing threatens anyone else’s. Do you feel threatened by the videos you don’t like or something?


please remember that FACT shut down ATC commentary because of sexist remarks, not just the act of remarking itself. if such happened here, it’d be flagged and the mods would take care of the offenders. not so easy on YouTube.

it’s fine to voice an opinion, just keep it respectful.


There’s being an ignorant vile troll, then there’s thinking something isn’t that good or nowhere near as good as you’d hoped. Big difference


My response to Umfangs ATC video had nothing to do with her gender. All to do with the performance. The sexist remarks getting the comment section shut down on ATC was justified. I heard it had become a pretty big problem.

I’m not a fan of shutting down speech of any kind however it’s ATCs channel and their choice to remove the comment section if they deem it necessary.


Seriously I have to be gone.

I personally don’t understand the point in releasing negativity into the world when it isnt your thing, but if yall are so compelled to do it - and you’re not contributing to making someone feel unsafe - then I’d be a hypocrite to criticize it.



So what we’re saying is that no, I’m not missing anything, the Umfang video is shit, but by pointing that out on a public forum I’ve filled the world with negativity and am basically the same as all them nasty little YouTube trolls.

Sorry about that.



It’s nice that this discussion can be had in such a civilized way :heart_eyes: and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the lack of nastiness in the comments - a few gentle stabs but nothing that feels like a true low blow. There’s hope for the internet!


FIXED :wink:


The like to dislike ratio says otherwise


Are there zero likes?

Some. With art always some as the artist likes it.


I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call someone fiddling with a drum machine for 10 minutes ‘art’.


Just as it would be a stretch to judge the quality of something based on shallow metrics such as ‘likes’.


I do get where you’re coming from I prefer to look at things in a more positive way & don’t like spreading negativity. Above I mentioned something about not really liking it, but at the same time, there are reasons for it, I don’t feel she’s a shit producer. For example if the dr202 wasn’t acting up, she would’ve had more time to lay other elements down.

Plus some people take a long time to make a track & to them 10 minutes feels like 2 seconds.

There are so many factors to things like this.

When it comes to opinions, even tho she will probably not read any of our opinions, I still feel there is usefulness to discussions like this.

We learned the dr202 is a difficult sequencer. Everyone thinks differently & makes different points, which opens minds of others & has them see things in a different way as well (as long as the mind is open).

I even enjoy the ATC’s that I feel are not “that great”. I always find SOMETHING interesting about it.

I think opinions are good to voice, I like listening/reading other peoples opinions. Freedom of speech & all that :blush:


I posted that San Proper video above not for all to laugh at, but to ENJOY!

I enjoyed it. The ‘Artist’ seems to be enjoying himself. … And probably doesn’t give a fuck about what others think, otherwise he would’ve sorted out his sample library, plugged in his microphone and tuned his bass.

It’s Fun right? Some of those ‘Producers’ take those damn 10 minutes far too seriously. Its not a competition.

After watching the Butthole Surfers live in '87 … it totally changed how I perceive what a performance could be.

After watching the Velvet Underground in '93 . . . it put me off them for good!


“Against the Naught”


But it is directly connected to her art, so does that make it art?


Giving an honest opinion is not negative in my book. As long as it’s not rude. If we all would only spread fully positive remarks the world would be a very very boring place.

For umfang this won’t have a negative effect. Probably quite the contrary. And it’s probably something that has learned her a lot. So that’s pretty positive on itself.

Oh, and don’t ever visit The Netherlands if you can’t handle honesty. :wink:


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