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I dont see how putting negativity into the world about a 10min production video is constructive.


Just wasn’t my cup of tea. She struggled to make music that was listenable. Fumbling with equipment, it didn’t look like she knew what she was doing.

If a traditional artist comes to the canvas and he barely knows how to dip the paintbrush in the paint, is dropping the paintbrush, etc… that would be judged harshly. Especially if he was then recorded on video for a YouTube channel that had many great artists go on to create the best possible painting in under 10 minutes. Furthermore, most likely watching that video and seeing that it wasn’t that great, but cringey and still deciding to upload it.

Btw, negativity exists dude. If artists can’t deal with some harsh criticisms, they shouldn’t be in the spotlight. It’s constructive in a sense if she read these comments, she would he self aware and do a better job prepping for the performance next time. If the dr220 or whatever isn’t working, bring something else out.


How? Just a guess, but Umfang is not on this forum. Either way, the opinions shared here are thankfully none of her business.


I see your point.


Right. According to you. There’s no objectivity here.

What is the point of your negativity? I might consider a professional critics opinion on matters but a bunch of randos on the Internet? Just a big rag fest driven by god knows what real reason, certainly not consideration for an artist putting themselves out there to try and do their thing.


I don’t think you need Anthony Fantano here to see that the performance was sub par within the ATC framework. I’ll stop ragging because I admit, it’s not right because she isn’t here to defend herself and it does come off too negative. Rant over.


I used to love getting an alert of a new ATC video, but now I cringe. Many of the new ATC videos seem like submissions from people who claim to be a producer just because they “want” to be, and ATC is handing out video submissions like participation trophies at children’s sporting events.
It seems like shutting down comments on a platform that was built on comments is going to do nothing more than create an ATC Fact Mag in house echo chamber.


I like her and was excited to see she had did one. I was dissapointment at how bad it was and actually found it funny at how bad it was.

Everyone stop getting all worked up, big deal if someone thinks it good or bad. Everyone should be able to voice an opinion, good or bad.


we might consider a professional producer and not some randos on the internet. See what I did there :slight_smile: ?


Maybe at the end of the day I’m just jealous that I can’t get the same type of exposure, while creating something at that quality level.


Its not just about her. People started posting other videos to rail. The ATC comments were shut down for a (good imo) reason.




Not bad. But shes more professional than most of us.

Speaking of which: need to get back to producing content for the insatiable social feed. :slight_smile:


There’s nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade.

As a maker of things honest criticism is way more useful and harder to come by than fake praise.


No one mentioned fake praise (which I agree is totally unnecessary). Were discussing unsolicited criticism. No one asked anybody here or on ATC so no need to give it.


Most criticism is unsolicited. If criticism was only given when it was asked for, everybody would live in a bubble. Never really knowing if what they’re doing is good or bad.


If someone doesn’t ask maybe they’re not interested in whether you think its good or bad.

Everyone on ATC must be doing something right according to some to even be on there in the first place.


I doubt the producer of the new avengers movies wants or cares about my opinion of the movie. I’ll still voice one though.


I find this to be a very odd way to look at things.

If you are putting things into the public domain you can expect people to have opinions about it and to discuss those opinions.
That’s the nature of the game.


Imagine what a sterile world we would live in if we all sat quiet patiently waiting for someone to ask our opinion and that permission could only come from the contents creator.

Sounds like a plot from a dystopian movie