Against the Clock Discussion


Ha, I really thought that was him.


oh shit it’s not him? Gggrrrr I was tricked. The main picture looks like him


Could be his twin


curious about this as well. I’d assumed that they actually visited people’s studios, because of the quality and consistency of the videos. but maybe they stipulate: “do it this way”…?


You know, I read it somewhere but can’t find it. Could’ve been a comment by someone so scrap that.


I don’t think FACT would have the resources to visit every producer, all over the world, although 90% of them probably live in Berlin.

Probably easier to send them the equipment and instructions (if needed) and ask them to send back when done.


Yeah this is what I read as an argument which makes sense. They do always have that shoulder style camera angle so maybe equipment is being send indeed.


totally possible. also possible that some of them are done by the FACT crew directly. they seem to usually have a couple GoPro’s mounted on mini tripods (the kind that are bendable and can attach to anything) along with a tripod mounted camera and then someone moving about with a hand-held camera. so really you’d need one person from FACT to be flying around to do this. which is possible, but unlikely.

maybe the ones that are more remote (there’s one in Ghana), they’ve just sent the GoPro’s there, and others they have a person handling it. guess I’ll need to start analyzing these more when I watch 'em…


I always assumed they sent at least one camera person or like an intern or something to set up and get them going. Most of the videos have a similar quality/style to them so I assumed they sent someone out for it.


Yeah, I think he’s ended up like a bloody piano dentist. I reckon his arms would feel like a couple of weeks in a bad balloon after this…


I am speechless.


I have no idea what that means, haha.


Its just that DR202 drum machine, it is a f’’‘kin b’’'ch to program that sequencer :zonked:


Umfang video was so dissapointingly bad


Wow this guy thinks he is really cool.

Or maybe he is. I honestly have no idea anymore.


He needs a drug therapy.

I rather much prefer of all those Videos the one they did with Legowelt.


Oh I see so Fact shuts down the comments and yall miss ragging on the working artist so much you bring it here.

Spare us.


I don’t think anybody necessarily misses “ragging on the artist”, however it’s interesting to see just how terrible Umfang’s ATC video submission was, that it naturally sparked a conversation about it. Are we being mean or are we being honest? Should we be telling Umfang her performance was stellar, when it seemed like she was a first time user.

Maybe this is what she intended for her art, I mean Jackson Pollock just splatted paint on a canvas and people thought his stuff was awesome. I suppose it’s subjective in the end because it is technically art.


Right. So then why is it so necessary to be brutal about what one subjectively thinks?


I actually thought commentary here has been fine, for the most part. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying you don’t like what someone did for their video, as long as you’re respectful about it.