Against the Clock Discussion


its all about where you decide to look at it. either a chance to learn, or performance


I think to be brutally honest, it sucked, the worst ATC I’ve seen. The percussion is so jarring and off beat, I can’t vibe with it.

Sometimes the hard truth is what the artist might need to hear, in order to improve, prepare or possibly avoid this situation in the future. And before anybody says, “so you think you could do better” Yes, I totally do.

Maybe this is just not one of her strengths


I’d like to see an elektronaught against the clock.

You have 10 minutes


meeeeee toooo, I was looking at a camera on this forum and I was thinking this


ATC for Elektronauts would be great! Somebody put an official challenge together and I’m game. I might end up eating my words and sucking big time, but I’ll give it a shot.


im down, set it up please. No gear restriction.


It’s a school night though


Im bookmarking this so i can know if and when


Probably best to be in the future and within its own thread. Peace


I say just put up an ATC challenge thread & we can all just submit ours when we do it…

Like the real ATC, everyone doesn’t do it at the same time… which means the thread could go forever… & people can do multiple ATC’s…

It wouldn’t really be something to vote on but the real against the clock doesn’t get voted on either.

Just an idea :blush:

& people can say, well if you can submit it whenever how do we know you didn’t do multiple takes? Well I bet some of the ATC’s do multiple takes, a lot of them practice & a lot use pre existing material. Like loops all ready &/or sounds.

It’s more of a challenge for ourselves.

But an actual ATC battle could be cool too.


Funny enough I’m actually working on one today that will be uploaded tomorrow. This is a welcome coincidence and I would love an Elektron specific ATC.


I think an elektronaut ATC thread would be awesome. I’d also hope that everyone would have the balls to post ones that go sideways.

An honest exercise in ego fraught with genuine frailty.


Lol everyones still on about umfang?

Well In the defense of umfang (since she isnt here to voice herself), do we even know if the ATC crew travel to the artists home to film them?
If they do then that could explain some of the mishap in her video, shot in one take.




Wow, cringetastic. How stoned was that guy?


I know.


Nope, they record the video themselves and submit it. That’s what makes it so strange imho. You could do 144 takes if you want and send out the best.
Anybody can have an off-day of course, but to me it seems like she was pushed into doing this by a promotor.

Edit:scrap the 144 takes comment. I read somewhere artist record it themselves, but could have been a comment rather than FACT :wink:


I didn’t know the dude from Workaholics made music! Nice find


Yea good find, I didn’t know he made music either! I thought I’ve seen all ATC’s, apparently there are some I haven’t seen. Excited to watch this.



Source of info?