Adjusting the Default Preset Settings on MKII Devices

I’d like to have a personalized set of settings load every time I create a new project, mainly that both my Rytm and A4 are connected with the same settings, because having to set those up each time seems a bit unnecessary.

I asked ChatGPT and it gave me this, which looks fine, it just doesn’t line up with reality so far, maybe I’m navigating the wrong menus.

From chatGPT
“To set a preset as the default when starting a new project on an Elektron MKII device, you will need to navigate to the “Global” settings menu and select “Factory Defaults.” From there, you can select the preset that you want to use as the default and then save the settings. Keep in mind that this will overwrite any previous settings, so make sure to save any important information before proceeding.”

Anyone know how to do this?

Shoulda tried the search here probs :wink:

To have a custom Preset Template you have to tailor a blank one to your liking then save it. Load that ‘template’ any time you want to start a new project by ‘saving as’ into a new project slot elsewhere.

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