New Project Template?

Hello All!

I’m fairly new to the AR (mk2) and OT (mk2) and I have a question about setting up new projects. Is there a way to set up a template or something of that sort so I don’t have to reconfigure all my midi and mixer settings with each new project? I’d like it to feel like there were some kind of “global” midi/mixer settings so I don’t have to keep going in and setting them up again each time I create a new project. Feels like a waste of time, but I do understand the value of being able to set them differently for different projects. It’s just not something I currently find useful at all.


just create a project with whatever settings you want and save it as “template 1”. When you are ready to save use “save as” and change the name.


And back it up internally too if you’re anything like me… I constantly accidentally save over my templates!


Awesome!!! Much thanks much thanks!