Actress Using Digitone

Found this recent video where actress appears to be rocking the digitone live

I know he uses all the old stuff kind of cool to see him using the newer machines as well.


We should start a thread about our favourite artists using elektron gear. I saw that Stenny and Barker both have octas and Digitones

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Was expecting to see video of Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett, or similarly skilled actress rockin a Digitone.

I am disappoint


I’m disappoint also

One of my fav : Baseck.
In this video he use tempest as usual and Digitone :slight_smile: Crazy how he use it.


Damn, that is one extreme case of electronic producer hunch. Someone get him a decent table! My neck is hurting just watching that.


I think he’s using an Octatrack in that video. I seem to remember there is a frame where you can really see it. Not the clearest of videos.

Actually after watching it again I think you are right and it is a Digitone.

I love Actress. Someone get him on the forum or on an Elektron Talk please


Although he never really seems to talk about his equipment in interviews.

Even in a pre-show talk I went to before his last Southbank performance he seemed to shy away from any technical questions about his AI.


I saw him using at OT, maybe a Vermona DRM (might not be) and some Adam a3x’s some time back in his bedroom.

This is homepage for Dr Louis McCallum from University Of London who has been helping Darren with the AI.

He goes into detail about the project here:




New pre-album release has some great bits on it


We already have a topic for that:


Reminds me of when I used to take my Kronos to gigs. Damn that keyboard is heavy. I mean. it’s no CS80, but still. (25kg/50lbs ish)

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love how “unprofessional” that setup looks. crappy table, gear just awkwardly placed wherever it fits. very humbling!

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I’m a big Actress fan, especially his first few LPs, but found this set pretty underwhelming tbh. Saw him a while back in NYC and felt the same way. I wish he brought the same level of detail to the macro that he brings to the micro scale. His live sets just don’t seem very planned, which maybe is on purpose but I’d love to see him take a different approach.


Lol agreed. Mainly just want to point out he is using the digitone. First “big” artist I have seen using one live.

Huge Actress fan here. I’ve caught a few of his DJ sets and they are likewise underwhelming. If I had to speculate, I’d say the 4am-crafted-ganja-smoke-studio sound doesn’t translate too well to a live setting.

His live work with the London Contemporary Orchestra is pretty excellent, but that leans heavily on the LCO.

I’ve obsessed over producer-to-live performance shows for years, and it’s a tough nut to crack for anyone who isn’t doing 4/4 techno – or autechre…