Acid on Digitone


weird, fixed it.


Step 1. Run digitone thru Erica Synths Acid Box III.
Step 2. Brace for success!
Step 3. Profit???$$$$££££€€€€€


Making 303 stlye patches is all about knowing the 303 synthesis. There are some basic elements that most synths can do.
Saw/square wave vco.
Low pass resonant filter.
Filter decay env
Amp decay env
Glide/portamento. (this is essential)

Its pretty basic. Keep a short gate length. Then add the magic with glides and velocity/accent.


@Ess Very Richard James of you :slight_smile:


indeed. straight from the druqks era


I recommend the Digitone on acid


Aahhh well, maybe.
Lots of the stuff I’ve done recently seems to spark some AFX association for a lot of people but… It’s just braindance/idm stuff, lots of people sounded like that, but RDJ is like the only one that kept doing stuff in that direction, no?

Guess it’s not a bad artist to be compared to though, haha.


certainly not :slight_smile:

Sure, I guess he is just the most famous representative of this “genre”… But still, some of your latest digitone (and model:samples) demos have serious druqks vibes… I love them.


Gaaah… I’m inspired now!

Just had a little tweak around with the filter over the sawtooth and can’t believe this thing can do another thing.

Nice, nice filter :smiley:


Here’s my contribution

It’s actually very fiddly to make it close to a real 303 since for example the ACCENT also makes the ENV MOD shorter on the original and you really need to stay in the 303:ish sweetspot of the filter. Going to high makes it sound like crap right away. But it’s absolutely possible to make acid with the DN :slight_smile:


Reviving this thread to see if anybody wants to try their hand at Acid on the Digitone now with the addition of the Portamento feature.

I’ve been gassing for a tb-03 or the tt-303 but do not want to spend the money! Can anybody help me out with some programming tips? Or just post your patch settings if possible. Thank you!


Did you load the Digitone Keys presets yet? There’s one in there called TB Square (I think) that might be a good place to start patch wise.


I have not yet, I will do that in the next few days. Thanks for the recommendation!